More places for regional Australia migration

The Australian government is increasing 2000 places for regional Australia migration, as initial regional Australia focused migration initiative signaled success ahead. For migrants who commit to living and work in regional Australia, 23,000 places reserved under the new regional Australia focused migration program announced earlier this year. The Australian government is now increasing the places for regional migration following an initial success of the program from 23,000 to 25,000.

“We will be increasing the allocation for regional places in our immigration scheme for this year, by 23,000 to 25,000” Immigration Minister David Coleman quoted by the Australian media. According to the latest figures, the government has granted 6000 visas in the last three months to candidates committed to living and work in regional Australian cities and towns. The number was under 3000 in the final quarter of the 2018/2019 migration program year. After the government announcement, international students who graduated in major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne are willing to move into regional Australia as the program offers permanent residency after working and living in regional areas for three consecutive years. 

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To boost regional migration Australian government announced visas and permanent residency reform focusing on the development of regional Australian economy. The Australian government set to lunch visas for regional Australia migration on 16 November 2019. Though some features and conditions to be eligible for permanent residency sounds sour for metro graduated international students, but gives a clear pathway to Australian permanent residency.

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More places for regional Australia migration - NepaliPage

To be eligible for permanent residency via regional Australia migration, migrants must live and work in designated regional Australian towns for three consecutive years and meet TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold), which is Australian dollar 53,900 at the time. But the government may give some concession on it, yet not fixed. But the attracting part of this migration plan is they can live anywhere in Australia except big cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Students and new migrants can live in the Gold Coast or Perth, where they can find work that could generate more income more than the baseline of TSMIT.

Skilled Candidates planning to settle into regional Australia would get a wide range of occupations to be eligible for migration. More than 500 skilled occupations would be available to choose from after 16 November 2019. The government also set a faster and easier visa processing for eligible candidates through the regional Australia migration. The skilled worker would be entitled to various kinds of social supports as well as their family and dependent can join them without longer waitings.

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