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I’ve tested positive to COVID. What should I do now?

I’ve tested positive to COVID. What should I do now? - NepaliPage

Natasha Yates, Bond University For two years, COVID has dominated our world. In Australia, we’ve tested every sniffle, undergone extensive lockdowns, and double-vaccinated more than 90% of adults to combat this lethal virus. So, it’s understandable our first reaction when we test positive to COVID ourselves is to panic. However, …

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81 hospitals in Nepal for free treatment to Covid 19 patients

81 hospitals in for free treatment for Covid 19 - NepaliPage

The government of Nepal has arranged 81 free hospitals for the treatment of Covid 19 patients throughout the country. Health and Population Ministry has signed agreements with those hospitals to make all Covid 19 treatment free for Nepalese citizens. Those hospitals will treat all Covid-19 patients without any fee and …

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How to get both JobKeeper and JobSeeker

How to get both JobKeeper and JobSeeker - NepaliPage

Brendan Coates, Grattan Institute and Jonathan Nolan, Grattan Institute At A$1,500 a fortnight, JobKeeper has been nothing but a help to the people on it. The rules required those who had previously been paid more than JobKeeper to stay on their old wage, with the rest topped up by their …

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Kathmandu Airport renovated with social distancing measures

Kathmandu Airport (Tribhuvan International Airport) is the only gateway to Nepal via air route. The only international airport Nepal has got a new look during lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tribhuvan International Airport renovated and got ready for operation with social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While …

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You can apply yourself for early release of super

You can apply yourself for early release of super - NepaliPage

To help Australians as well as permanent and temporary visa holders in the pandemic situation, the Australian government has allowed access to their super fund. In this COVID-19 affected situation, eligible superannuation members can withdraw up to 10,000 dollars from their super saving. If you qualify, you can withdraw 20,000 …

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Direct flight from Kathmandu to Sydney on 2020, April 1 for Aussies

14 July repatriation flight to Nepal confirmed, here are things you should know - NepaliPage

The Embassy of Australia in the coordination with the Nepal Government is preparing a fixed departure schedule for the Aussies stuck in Nepal. The Australian Embassy is taking up the final negotiations with Nepal Airlines. The embassy has requested for a single commercial service to Australia from Kathmandu. In case …

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