Nepali learning: 5 channel for your kid

It’s not easy for parents living overseas to train children Nepalese language, as there are limited time and learning resources available. However, to keep a knot with motherland Nepal many Nepalese parents in different parts of the world trying hard to expose their kids with Nepalese language and culture. To address the concern Nepalese Diaspora, Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) one of the biggest Nepalese Diaspora body has started Nepalese learning school in different countries. Though limited has changed the Nepalese learning scenario outside Nepal. 

Apart from such Nepalese Language classes now there are various channels online for your kids to learn Nepali language and rhymes. On the small screen, YouTube kid’s channels in Nepali are now making Nepali learning overseas easy.

You do not need to wait for the weekend and school holidays to give a dose of Nepali learning, they can learn it every day in their spare time. If you are concerned about your kid’s Nepali learning and giving them Nepali lesson and fairy tales these channels will be a great help to excel your kid’s Nepali learning.

Nepali learning: 5 channel for your kid - NepaliPage
YouTube kid’s channels in Nepali are now making Nepali learning overseas easy. Image: Youtube/Nani & Babu

Here are the popular 5 YouTube channels to subscribe, to your kid’s Nepali learning:

1. Wings Music Nepal

This channel presents many of the most popular stories in the Nepali language, not limited only Nepali also from other countries folk tales are available in the Nepali language.

2. Nani & Babu – Nepali Rhymes & Baby Songs

The channel features an animated series for kids, the characters Nani and Babu together with their parents, friends, and pets to provide educational and recreational animated content. Especially it entertains and helps to learn Nepali for toddlers and preschoolers.

3. eDewcate Nepali

The channel features various ‘Baal Geet’ with transcription.

4. Litchi Tech Inc

The channel features ‘Nepali Varnamala’, kid’s songs as well as teach kids drawing.

5. Nepali Bal Rachana

This is the channel by nepa-laya, the newly created one features Nepali Children Rymes.

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