Moving Interstate? Darwin, Tasmania or ACT

Sydney and Melbourne remained desired destinations for long for International Students for those who opt Australia for their higher study. But the scenario looks changing with recent changes brought the Australian government for its skilled migration program. Now many international are choosing regional areas rather than Sydney and Melbourne, the reason is bigger cities though offer better job opportunities international students rarely get the state sponsorships for their skill migration from states NSW and VIC, they ask stricter requirements. State Nomination scheme by states such as Tasmania, ACT, and Northern Territory seems more practical for international students studying in those cities that escalating interstate movement. Producing message that select such states and cities, where you can get a State Nomination for permanent migration.

That opened floodgate of international students for states ACT, Tasmania and Northern Territory, international students moving into these states seeking State Nomination for Permanent Residency after completing principle course in Sydney or Melbourne. First, ACT then Tasmania and finally Northern Territory on the top of the list to move in for recent graduates.

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Tasmania offers 489-visa nomination to those who complete 1-year study in the state and 2 years course completion needed to get 190-visa nomination. (Check requirements on Migration TAS website clicking HERE). But a majority of international student fear of employability in Tasmania there was big news on SBS many Indian students moved into Tasmania didn’t get a job there. Getting a job and income generation becoming a big issue for international students in the state.


The ACT has closed nomination for particular occupations in which the majority of mover students got their skill assessed. (Check ACT Migration Website clicking HERE)
Moving Interstate? Darwin, Tasmania or ACT - NepaliPage

Northern Territory has a discount on public transport that covers International Students too.  

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Finally, Darwin or Northern Territory is not like the hot state like Tasmania and ACT though weatherly it’s hotter than other Australian states for interstate swingers. The state has almost similar requirements for State Nomination for 190 permanent visa and 489 provisional visa. Any international student moving into the state meets other requirements may get state nomination after getting engaged in similar occupation jobs for SIX months or if completes two years study in the state for 190 visa though state migration agency has signaled some flexibility on their website. (Check your eligibility from the NT Migration website) Two impressive aspects of Northern Territory are it has the lowest unemployment rates in the country that means there may be pretty good chance to get full-time or part-time employment opportunities for students as well as interstate movers and student discount in public transport.

The important and crucial aspect of moving interstate with the prospect of permanent residency is it’s a really big thing in your life. That is not only going to shape your future but also change the entire family’s life so need to make an informed and aware decision. So, it would be best if you go through small research yourself keeping your strengths, life goal as well as financial planning for upcoming 5-7 years. Be aware of the news that the Australian government is planning to keep regional sponsored migrants in those particular regions for almost forever.

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