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Why international students need to make Aussie friends

Why international students need to make Aussie friends - NepaliPage

Catherine Gomes, RMIT University A recent report on the satisfaction levels of international students in Australia, the United States and Britain has found that a student’s social life plays a big role in their happiness with their study experience. International students who made local friends were more satisfied with their …

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What You Need to Know About German Blocked Bank Accounts?

What You Need to Know About German Blocked Bank Accounts - NepaliPage

Nepalese students continue to choose Germany as a top destination for studying abroad. The country has a free educational system, more than 300 renowned educational institutions, and more than 15,000 different study programs, making it a magnet for the best students from all over the world. The majority of countries, including Nepal, require a German student visa before enrolling in German studies. Nationals from the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United States of America are not required to have a visa to study in Germany. However, they must still possess a residence permit. Student visas for Germany require students to meet specific requirements. As proof of your financial ability to live in Germany, you will be required to present a blocked bank account.

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International students can work unlimited hours

International students can work unlimited hours - NepaliPage

To cope with Omicron COVID 19 variant Australian government relaxed working conditions for overseas students. Australian Prime minister Scot Morrison announced the government is removing working hours restrictions for international students. In Australia, overseas students can work for 40 hours in a fortnight, officially. After the new change, they can …

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Australia opens border for international students and visa holders

Self-quarantine enforced to all the people entering Australia - NepaliPage

  Australia plans to welcome international students and temporary visa holders without quarantine. Australian Prime minister Scot Morrison today announced Australia is ready to welcome international travelers holding an eligible visa and fully vaccinated from December 1, 2021. This Australian move opens the door for international students, tourists, backpackers, skilled …

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As hopes of international students’ return fade, closed borders could cost $20bn a year in 2022 – half the sector’s value

Australia’s strategy to revive international education is right to aim for more diversity - NepaliPage

  Shutterstock Peter Hurley, Victoria University Update: the federal budget has confirmed Australia’s border is likely to remain closed until mid-2022. Most international students must wait another year before they can return – only “small phased programs for international students will commence in late 2021 and gradually increase from 2022”, …

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More working hours allowed to student visa holders for agricultural job

If you have one of these visas, you can come to Australia after December 1 - NepaliPage

Student Visa holders working in harvesting jobs would get more working hours even during the semester study period. Read Also: Farm work in Australia, another option for students, temporary visa holders International students working in the agricultural sector would be able to get extra shifts as the Australian government has made flexible …

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