Ladies barbeque meetup today

Hey, girls, are you newly arrived? And are you looking for networking and friendship to make your Australia stay homely? If yes, thee is a meetup for Nepalese girls for networking and empowerment. With growing Nepalese international students Sydney based youth initiative ‘Winners Circle Media’ is throwing a barbeque meetup only for girls to help catchup like-minded mates and help improve their Australian student life.

‘It’s for young Nepalese girls who are studying as an international student to make them feel united and empowered. So they can coup the challenges in a different culture and country’ Roshan Khatiwada, Chair of Winners Circle Media told NepaliPage. Programs such as this will help newcomers to come forward to share their problems, either domestic violence or workplace-related, he further said. NRNA Women Forum ‘Nari Nikunja’ joined to support Winners Circle Media in this initiative to create Nepalese girls living safe and matey in Australia during their study. 

The meetup will offer free ‘Pani Puri’ BBQ, Live Music, Games, and Raffles. Organizers selected venue Auburn, a Nepalese dense Sydney suburb.

Program Detail:

Ladies barbeque meetup today
Image: Program Poster

Date: 1st February 2020 (TODAY)
Time: 10 am Onwards
Venue: Auburn Park Auburn, NSW 2142

Winners Circle Media is a Nepalese youth initiative in Australia to unite and empower Nepalese youngsters. Often the youth organization promotes young talents, offers networking to help make career and job moves as well as celebrates Nepalese festivals in a homely manner.

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