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International students can work unlimited hours

To cope with Omicron COVID 19 variant Australian government relaxed working conditions for overseas students. Australian Prime minister Scot Morrison announced the government is removing working hours restrictions for international students.

In Australia, overseas students can work for 40 hours in a fortnight, officially. After the new change, they can work any hours they can. Australia is struggling to fill short staff due to covid-19 isolation with a huge surge in covid-19 cases.

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To handle pressure on the workforce last year Australian government lifted the working hour restrictions to overseas students working in the tourism, hospitality as well as aged care sector. With this new announcement, the government lifted all working hour restrictions for overseas students. In a recent announcement Australian prime minister Scot Morrison urged international students and backpackers who are fully vaccinated to come to Australia.

Many international students in Australia work in retail, manufacturing, hospitality, cleaning, restaurants as well as the aged care sector. These are the sector now struggling to fill the roles due to the Omicron virus spread.

Australia has already opened its borders to overseas students and other eligible visa holders due to workforce shortage as well as support education industry to sustain.

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