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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outline 5wh of collection, storage, use, and disclose of information collected through our media channels including and its companies. NepaliPage (we, us, our) expresses its commitment towards protect your privacy.

As an Australian Nepalese Community Media, we are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). And follow the Australian Press Council Privacy standards.

Personal Information We Collect

Definition: Personal Information are that information which identifies you. Your name, address, email, age, gender, phone number, device, IP, browser, and other critical information including your credit card, debit card or other payment options are your personal information.

What and how we collect?

While you visit our website, we may collect your personal information outlined below:

  • Name: We collect your name while you comment on our content or contact us via our websites or socials.
  • Email: We collect your name while you comment on our content or contact us via our websites or socials.
  • Phone Number: We collect your phone number if you contact us or provide number on any of our channel. In most cases we do not collect phone numbers from readers and public, only collect if any marketing communication happens or for sharing news or information for content generation.
  • Device/IP/Browser/OS and other technical details: We collect this information to enhance our service and your experience on our websites/contents/systems, identify your sessions and keep you logged in if its required.
  • Critical or financial information such as credit card information would be collected if any commercial transactions happen, otherwise we do not collect your financial and critical data.
  • We may use third party tools to collect such information using various cookies such as advertisement cookies, analytics cookies, personalization cookies, security cookies, site management cookies, third party cookies as well.

Here, keep in mind, information collected using cookies and other device, user behaviour tracking tools, are not personal data as these do not identify any individual. These tools and information collected via them are used to analyse trend, reach and demography we serve.

You can control cookies & opt out from tracking

These days app/OS/browser that you use give options to limit or opt out from tracking/cookies. Follow these links if you want to know more.


Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Android (Chrome)
Iphone or Ipad (Chrome)
Iphone or Ipad (Safari)

Network Advertising Initiative’s Opt-Out Tool

Why we collect your data?

Our primary motive to collect your data is to analyse our traffic trend, reach, and deliver relevant content & experience to you. From the information we collect from you or device we analyse market trend, topic popularity as well as our own reach in the community.


We collect, store, and use your data for the following purpose:

  • Optimise website & content for better user experience.
  • To analyse trend, content reach, and user demography.
  • To run marketing campaigns over social media or email (EDM) or any dominant in the market.
  • To communicate with the advertisers, readers, community leaders & members.
  • Research, market planning, prepare business proposal.
  • To keep account record/financial integrity of the business/advertisement deal (applies for businesses & advertisers).
  •  To grant or revoke your access to the website/app/system of NepaliPage.
  • To enlist in our Classified Section (applies to business & service providers).


Disclosure/Transfer data to third party

We may disclose your information in certain conditions, but every possible measure will be taken to keep you safe. We may share your information with our employees (with guidelines), related body corporate, partner, joint venture, & sister entities. Furthermore, could be shared with our contractors, service provides in relation to develop/redevelop and migrate our systems/applications/websites.

Highlights of our data share & disclosure policy

  • We may share within our company/corporate/partnership/contractors
  • We may share with sponsors/advertisers (not personally identified information)
  • May share to care your welfare.
  • May Share to comply Australian legal obligations/to help maintain law and order.
  • May disclose to mitigate unauthorised/unlawful access/hacking and other activities.


Social Campaign & Marketing

We may use data collected through our websites/apps/tracking systems/cookies/pixel to run our social media advertisements/campaigns. For that we use anonymous data to research audience size, behaviour, and other related aspects of social media marketing. (If you have any concern about how your social media use your data and sharing read their respective privacy and date policy)

We do EDM (Email Direct Marketing) to reach more audience size and push tailored updates to you if you sign up/subscribe our posts. However, there will be unsubscribe option available for change of mind.

We may send message through social media/SMS/email/push notification if you are connected with us in any channel where two-way communication options available.

Read Facebook Privacy Policy


Access/Erase your data

We/our contractors/third party tool/service provider may erase your data time to time if not necessary to keep with us. We do not store your data for long if they are none of our use under this policy.

You can access your data/information if there is any subscription or membership option available and you joined for. You can delete, alter data on your wish. If you inform us, we also help you to delete your account in our system.

To seek any help, contact:


100 Winten Drive, Glendenning, NSW 2761

Phone: 0414007634



Any breach of privacy

If you have any concern about your privacy and breach event happen through our system, please contact ASAP through our email (provided above) we will take appropriate investigation on the incident and update you. We take your every call seriously & keep it confidential if need.

External Links

NepaliPage content includes various links that drives you to another external website or service but, we do not warranty on their privacy practices. If you cautious on any website or service you get referred through us please check their privacy policy just to confirm how they use your data.

Change and updates on Privacy Policy

NepaliPage may change and update this policy time to time. To keep our policy in line with NSW/Australia Privacy Legislation, Australian Journalism & Media practice & principle NepaliPage can change this policy at any time. It’s your responsibility to be aware of policy & changes.

Please use your discretion while taking decision, we support informed choice and decision making. NepaliPage never compensate you in any way for your loss, convenience or damage ever happen while making decision or any move using information contained in our website.


Affiliate Disclosure

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program as well as MaxBounty affiliate program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, and their affiliated sites. If you have any concerns about them please visit their privacy policy page.

This policy is updated on 31 August 2022