Nepalese students spent 2.6 billion AUD to Study in Australia

Thousands of Nepalese youths cross the immigration desk at Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu, holding a green passport with golden Nepalese national emblem each day. Among them, a remarkable number cross the Nepalese border to study in Australia. These youngsters are the biggest spender for overseas education and contribute to Australian …

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Nepalese origin man died and wife charged for murder

Nepalese origin man died and wife charged for murder - NepaliPage

A Nepalese man died in Australia when family violence broke out on Saturday evening. The 34 years old man with Nepalese origin found critically injured in his own home at Blaxcell Street Granville, around 40 kilometers west from Sydney Central Business District. Police have charged his wife (34 years) for …

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60 points on Canberra Matrix, hopeful for state nomination for 190

Migration Canberra: critical skill list 2021 not exciting - NepaliPage

Recent rounds of Canberra Matrix invitation round outcomes are showing hope to get a state nomination for permanent residency in Australia. Recent rounds occurred on 21 February and 12 March for nomination invitation shows points has fallen to 60. The Canberra Matrix point that many students moved into Canberra can …

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Canberra Matrix: five rounds, 1126 invitations

Canberra invited 5904 for state nomination in 11 months - NepaliPage

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government nominated 1126 candidates for state-sponsored visa subclass 190 in three months. The nomination was carried out through Canberra Matrix, a newly introduced point based expression of interest selection method. After changes on state-sponsored permanent residency visa, 190 nomination ACT governments in Canberra started its invitation …

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Shree Swasthani Brata Katha begins today

The Shree Swasthani Brata Katha, devoted to Goddess Swasthani is beginning from today. The fasting (Brata) would last for a month. The Nepalese ritual falls between the Push Shuklapurnima (full moon) and concludes Magh Shuklapurnima. During the month Nepalese, particularly women recite Swasthani Brat Katha each evening and worship deity …

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