Canberra Matrix: five rounds, 1126 invitations

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government nominated 1126 candidates for state-sponsored visa subclass 190 in three months. The nomination was carried out through Canberra Matrix, a newly introduced point based expression of interest selection method. After changes on state-sponsored permanent residency visa, 190 nomination ACT governments in Canberra started its invitation for nomination on 20 December last year.

The very first nomination round for Canberra 190 state sponsored visa Canberra invited 93 EOI applicants to apply for state nomination. In the month of January, the ACT government’s invitation round took place three times with the outcome of 603 invitations to apply for ACT state nomination for subclass 190 visa.

On the 5th round of ACT nomination invitation round took place on 21 February 2019 issued 430 invitations. The matrix score range for the invitation round was down to 60 points and invitation cut off date was 29 November 2018. The fifth round generated the highest invitation outcome totaling 1126 invitations till the date.

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Canberra Matrix: five rounds, 1126 invitations - NepaliPage
The 5th round of ACT nomination invitation round took place on 21 February 2019 issued 430 invitations. Photo: Madan Mani

After months of uncertainty when the ACT government suspended state nomination for subclass 190, permanent residency visa last year, the latest invitation round gives the hope for students in Canberra. With the influx in migration point competition for 189 and 190 permanent visas, international students moved into Canberra from major Australian cities in hope to get a nomination for 190 state sponsored visa. This is a permanent residency visa with 2 years living in the state condition. 190 nomination rounds and the outcomes by the combined 5 rounds Canberra Matrix is evident that international students who moved into Canberra with the hope would not be disappointed at the end. Five rounds of Canberra Matrix gave a clear signal that international students already moved into Canberra and living for at least one year already can take a long breath.
It’s positive news for all, besides the highest invitation score 130 points fifth round also went down to 60 matrix points and generated invitations to apply for subclass 190 visa nomination.

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