Canberra Matrix the point distribution

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government is set to reopen the Skilled Migration 190 visa nomination program on 29th November 2018. The ACT government has introduced a new merit-based nomination program named as Canberra Matrix that awards applicants point based on their tie with Canberra and skills in demand in the ACT.
As per the information shared by the ACT government in the second week of November, there are 12 different factors that determine points on this merit-based nomination system. Those factors are Length of residence in Canberra, English language proficiency, Spouse/partner English language proficiency, and Nominated occupation (open or closed). Further determining factors are, Length of current employment in Canberra (not tied to nominated occupation), ACT employment type, Spouse / Partner employment in Canberra, Education (can be in Canberra, interstate or overseas), Canberra education, Grandfathering of applicants who arrived to live in Canberra on or before 29 June 2018), Assets in Canberra (personal or business and unencumbered), and Close family ties to Canberra. Applicants would be awarded based on their strength and tie ranging from 5 points to 20 points on each base. Here is the point distribution:

Canberra Matrix for Canberra Residents
Category Option Points
Current ACT Residence 4 + years 20
3 – 4 years 15
2 – 3 years 10
1 – 2 years 5
Less than one year 0
English Proficiency


Superior 15
Proficient 10
Competent 0
Spouse/Partner English Superior/Proficient 5
Nomination Occupation In demand or ‘Open’ on the ACT Occupation List 20
Length of current ACT employment Employed for 12 months + 10
Employed for 6-12 months 5
ACT Employment Type Working in ‘open’ nominated occupation 15
Working in ‘open’ but not nominated the occupation 10
Working in ANZCO Skill level 1 to 3 occupation 5
Previous ACT employment in nominated occupation – minimum one year 4
Spouse/Partner Employment Working in the ‘open’ Occupation in the ACT 15
Skill assessment relevant to the current occupation


Tertiary qualification relevant to current occupation


Currently working in any occupation 5
Study Level at Tertiary Institution




Doctoral Degree 20


Master’s Degree 15
Bachelors Degree or 3-year trade certificate 10



Diploma (at least 2 years) 5


Study Completed at an ACT tertiary institute


3 years or more 15
2 years 10
1 year 5
Prospective Applicants Canberra Resident 10
Assets in Canberra






ACT property (min. $250,000 investment) 5


2 years ACT business activity, majority ownership & minimum $100,000




$200,000 investment in a start-up ACT business 5
Close Family Ties




Australian citizen/permanent resident spouse/partner, child 20


Australian citizen/permanent resident parent, grandparent, brother, sister 10
Temporary resident spouse/partner 5


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