Things to know before joining Aged Care Training

Things to know before joining Aged Care training - NepaliPage

Aged Care, the career sector is quite popular among Nepalese living in Australia as it offers lucrative income opportunity with plenty of shift options. Not only among temporary visa holders it’s equally popular amid permanent residents too. For students, they can manage their tuition fee working during course holidays and …

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Websites to get hired in Australia

Job, the word pops in mind after arriving into Australia, for each and every newcomer. And, it’s not scarce. Because get hired in Australia for any job is the second essential step toward settling life here. For International students, it’s the second most important thing after their study. But, finding …

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Agencies to get job in Darwin NT

After the announcement of the DAMA II that could provide permanent residency for migrant workers in the sate; Darwin and the whole Australian Northern Territory on the limelight. The Northern Territory is the place in Australia where the beauty meets with a serenity of nature. And, now with relaxed migration …

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Career as a Boat Builders and Shipwrights in Australia

Career as a Boat Builders and Shipwrights in Australia - NepaliPage

We have heard always its good to make the hobby profession that could lead you toward a big success as a professional. Yes! Boat Builders and Shipwrights is the occupation for those who love water and activities on it. Boat Builders and Shipwrights is one of the rewarding and the …

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Working as a cabinetmaker in Australia

Working as a cabinetmaker in Australia - NepaliPage

Are you confused about your career in Australia to choose for better work, pay and balanced life? And thinking what job will pay you better? This is really a million dollar question in everyone’s life. Some people are happy to adopt a trade occupation which gives freedom to work and live and pays …

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Work as a Binder, Finisher or Screen Printer in Australia

Work as a Binder, Finisher or Screen Printer in Australia - NepaliPage

Have you heard about the occupation namely Binders, Finishers or the Screen Printers? Or career prospects of the occupations Binder, Finisher or the Screen Printer in Australia? The print finishers and the screen printers help in binding the books and other publications, they help to finish the printed materials by …

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Skills that help you to find a decent income in Australia

Skills that help you to find a decent income in Australia - NepaliPage

The third task once done with fund management and English test pops on mind is training. Every aspirant for study Australia in Nepal asks with friends and relatives a question about work and income in Australia. ‘What sorts of training do I have to take to improve employability in Australia?’ …

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Tradie Job: Window Cleaning in Australia

Window cleaning, when the term buzzes in mind one makes an idea of cleaning interior and exterior window surfaces of buildings that might be residential or commercial. Residential window-cleaning seems less daring while some find a commercial window cleaning daring that includes cleaning high-rise window cleaning using scaffolding and rope. …

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How to get the first job in Australia

For an international student in Australia finding a job for the first time is not easy. Different work culture, as well as recruitment procedures than their own home, makes its bit difficult but not unachievable. Universities in Australia offer free career counseling and support for international students to help them …

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If you going to refuse a job offer…

Whenever you answer an interview and get job offers from more than one company, a thought that usually strikes your mind is which company to join and which to reject. Turning down the job offer is difficult as the company has invested a lot of time and efforts in the …

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