Top 10 Most In-demand IT Jobs in Australia

Top 10 Most In-demand IT Jobs in Australia - NepaliPage

Australia is set to be one of the top digital governments in the world by 2025, government’s digital strategy and investment will create more IT jobs in Australia. Over 82000 new IT jobs are expected to be created in the world to 2031.     The COVID pandemic drastically elevated the need …

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How to get both JobKeeper and JobSeeker

How to get both JobKeeper and JobSeeker - NepaliPage

Brendan Coates, Grattan Institute and Jonathan Nolan, Grattan Institute At A$1,500 a fortnight, JobKeeper has been nothing but a help to the people on it. The rules required those who had previously been paid more than JobKeeper to stay on their old wage, with the rest topped up by their …

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Farm work in Australia, another option for students, temporary visa holders

Farm work in Australia, another option for students, temporary visa holders - NepaliPage

Many people lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic globally; in Australia, the number almost crossed 2 million, experts assume. Though the Australian government has announced Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payments for its residents and citizens, that’s only sufficient to sustain not for living. International students, as well as temporary …

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Most recommended job for International Students in Australia

Big dreams! Big goals! & no job! A common scenario for international students in Australia. Having entered into a completely new venture, most of the students are baffled. With no or few guidance, with a completely new set of rules & regulations, these students are often left wondering. They are …

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Woolworths & Telstra offers job opportunities to nearly 20,000 Australians


Nepalese students who recently headed to Australia are facing juggling trouble in their educational upfront and employment. Students who recently enrolled in the Australian Universities and have applied for employment, the COVID-19 epidemic has deflated their opportunities. Those who joined the job, are facing the scenario of employment redundancy. While …

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How to develop yourself as a Real Estate Agent in Australia?


The real estate market is intimidating for a new realtor. Every city in Australia has its own set of rules and regulations. In contrast, the secondary portion of the estate business has a plethora of agents, who already have a secure, established connection. Commencing a stable career needs an extensive …

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