Most recommended job for International Students in Australia

Big dreams! Big goals! & no job! A common scenario for international students in Australia. Having entered into a completely new venture, most of the students are baffled. With no or few guidance, with a completely new set of rules & regulations, these students are often left wondering.

They are not even sure about the kind of jobs they can land on. Neither are they aware of the working norms in Australia. Little homework and bag filled with excitement they leave their home country behind and at the end face a devastating situation.

Limited skills, exhausting college hours, with a little bank balance, the road towards the dream career is filled with obstacles. So, the international students must know the working hours allotted to them and the most suitable employment sectors in Australia offering them good payment and working flexibility.

Working hours allotted to International Students in Australia

Australian legislation has framed certain work rules for international pupils. Nepalese students with a valid visa can work up to 20 hours per week. But the limitations of working hours are not laid during the vacation period.

Although international students are requested to arrive in Australia 90 days before the commencement of University, they are not permitted to work.

Volunteering and unpaid work do not count within the 20 hours limit. Any students caught working more than the appointed limitation, their visa may get canceled.

Recommended jobs for International Students in Australia

 Getting a casual job that makes moderate payment is essential for international students.  Here is the ideal employment which offers flexibility and gives financial aid to your education.

1. Coffee café

If you have already taken barista training in your home country, these café welcomes you wholeheartedly. But before getting into the coffee desk, you will be trained by the trainer to meet the Aussie requirement. You have to learn about preferences and caffeine availability.  One can check out the coffee chains like Starbucks, Jamaica Blue, and Gloria Jeans. The payments are good plus the work timing options are available.

2. Supermarket chain

The retail chain provides working flexibility for the students. As the shifts are broken down into three to four streams, international students can ideally approach for their best timings. Alongside this, no work experience is needed.  One could work in the morning, afternoon or evening. Popular supermarket chains like Woolworths, IGA, and Coles are always open to take the newcomers.

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Most recommended job for International Students in Australia - NepaliPage

3. Bartenders

Learning some cool techniques are not bad. Working in bars can be ideal to take the career and temporary employment parallel. As the pubs and bars are only open at night and on the weekend there won’t be much hassle for the students. Working in bars does make you meet up with an interesting group of people. But while working in this sector one must be potentially careful, as you might encounter a few negative people.

4. Department store

Department store as they intend to sell everything and is available for customer convenience, they are open 24 hours. So, they are a great place to work. Stores like Target, David Jones, K Mart, Big W, Myer, do make the employment part easy and casual.

5.Clothing store

For a fashion roundabout, clothing stores are perfect. It not only suits your interest but also sharpens your marketing skills. Checking out the seasons’ latest trend, and helping a customer pick the right outfits with matching accessories will make you happy at the same time might even land you with few sales commissions.

You might also get employee discounts on your favourite rite brands such as H&M, Just Jeans, TEMT, Seed and Dotti.  These are a great place to work as they permit time flexibility with good pay.

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Most recommended job for International Students in Australia - NepaliPage

6. Tech retail or telco

If you have a specialized interest in working as a customer representative for the communications giant such as Telstra, Vodaphone, and Optus. Then this may be a good place to start your career, as you can gradually progress to a higher position on the basis of your career advancement and experience.

You could be the person they are actually looking for! For the customer representatives working hours, flexibility is provided.

7.Food franchise chain

The love for KFC and Dominos never fades? Well, then you could be one of their employees. In fact, there are lots of good franchise food chains in Australia, you can eventually start working there as a food server or cleaner or cash teller or delivery person. The payments are actually good permitting to work as per your lecture timing.

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Most recommended job for International Students in Australia - NepaliPage

8.Fuel station

Very popularly known as the ‘graveyard shift’ the working hours start from late evening to early morning. But if you can fit in the lecture timings than this could somewhat fit in your schedule. The payments are usually good but the weird working hours may not be the right fit for you.

9. Call center

If you have the power to convince people and easily sell the products, then yes you are at the right place. Your customer service skills may play a central role. Most of the call centers operate 24/7 and offer morning, afternoon and night working flexibility. To join call centers in Australia one needs to have good English speaking and listening skills, as you will be addressing queries and selling products to the Aussie clients. Opportunities in call centers are just limitless.

10.Side hustling

Here you may end up being a child caretaker (babysitter), dog walker or gardener. The payment received will help you pay your bills. But if you are entirely dependent on the taken employment to pay your university tuition fees, house rent, and food bills, then these side hustlings are of no use.

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