Future of Aged Care Jobs in Australia

Aged Care Jobs are quite popular among new comers in Australia. As people can join workforce with a short training and ample number of vacancies available around the year.

Choosing a career in the aged care sector is pretty much popular among Nepalese living in Australia. The sector not only offers a respectable position but also provides a sufficient income at optional working hours. So, the aged care job has gained attention from the international students, permanent residency holders and temporary migrators in Australia.

As per the data released by Japara, aged care jobs in Australia covers 20 billion+ industry. It is giving employment opportunity to nearly 2,24000 staff across 1,800 business who takes care of 2,70,000 disabled and elderly Australians. It is a hybrid system, with the federal government covering the cost of the residential care who pass the eligibility test. 

Adding more, the statistics posted by hospitalhealth.com.au, Victorian Government, states that in 2050, nearly 27% of the Australians will be in their 60-years. Therefore, with the increase in the ageing group, the demand for aged care employment shall also surge.

Hence, a generous amount of the Nepalese community group looks forward to working in Australian Aged Care Centers after the completion of their nursing or home care course.

Responsibilities of aged care jobs in Australia

Generally, elderly and disabled cares provide general household assistance, companionship, emotional support, for disable and senior citizens in their own homes.  Nepalese students in Australia when taking up the role of an aged caregiver must fulfil specific responsibilities such as:

  • Assisting aged and disabled persons on their social and usual activities.
  • Helping clients in daily communication and movement.
  • Helping in domestic work such as cooking and personal cleaning.
  • Performing housekeeping tasks such as cleaning and vacuuming.
  • Provide prescribed medicines to senior citizens.
  • Run errands such as shopping.
  • Live with the aged care people as their caretaker.

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Qualifications for aged care jobs in Australia

Did you just arrive from Nepal? Are you searching for a job opportunity? Then the aged care center can be the one, as you don’t need any formal qualifications; however, added priority is for those who have completed certificate III or IV aged care training.

Besides the qualification, Job Outlook seeks certain skills, knowledge, abilities, and activities that are needed as employers look for aged and disabled care who are attentive, caring, compassionate, and reliable. 


Acquiring educational or certificate training is essential too, but a new experience is always required for the home care service.

Area Skill level Requirement
Personal and customer service 59% Understanding customer needs, measuring client satisfaction and providing excellent quality service.
Psychology 48% Human behavior, personality, and interests, research method, learning, and motivation, treating and assessing disorders.
English language 39% Proper English language (read, write and to communicate).
Education & training 33% Design a curriculum for basic training, teach the individual, and measure the training effects.
Counseling 30% Provide advice and guidance with much affection and love.

Source: joboutlook.gov.au


Sharp skills through training and experience.

Area Skills Requirement
Serving others 54% Looking out ways to serve and help elderly people.
Social perspectives 45% Understanding people’s reaction.
Monitoring 45% Keep track of the improvements for the taken changes.
Critical thinking 43% Figuring out the pros and cons to tackle the problems.
Active listening 41% Listening to older adults and participating in the conversation.

Source: joboutlook.gov.au


Workers need to have strong knowledge, such as:

Area Skills Requirements
Oral comprehension 52% Listen to older adults.
Oral expression 48% Communicate by speaking.
Identification of problems 43% Notice the wrong moves and solve the issues.
Deductive reasoning 43% Use logic to find out answers.
Inductive reasoning 43% Use detailed information to come up with practical answers.

Source: joboutlook.gov.au


These are the general activities that need to be performed by the age care workers in their regular jobs.

Area Skills Requirements
Helping & care 75% Provide attentive medical assistance, personal assistance, and emotional support.
Building a healthy relationship 60% Develop a good relationship with them engaged over time.
Handling of objects 59% Use hands to install, move, and place objects.
Communicating with team 52% Giving daily work updates to co-workers through mail or telephone.

Source: joboutlook.gov.au

An annual income of aged care jobs in Australia

Under the aged care award, minimum weekly pay for every personal care worker starts from $715 (level 1), which may increase to $868 (level 7). The average earning per hour is $24.19 is stated by au.indeed.com, which is quite a reasonable amount for the Nepalese students who are willing to work as part-time workers as an aged caregiver in Australia.

Additional information for aged care jobs in Australia

To work as an aged care worker, Nepalese people must first obtain a National Police Certificate alongside the First Aid Certificate. In Southern Australia, additional screening gets performed. Further, for home care support, one must have a valid driving license.

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