Being a Registered Nurse in Australia

Permanent Residency in Canada for Registered Nurses - NepaliPage

Taking up a nursing career is popular in Nepalese society. Mostly female students on completion of higher secondary level approach educational consultancy to find out the best universities in Australia. While those of them who enter after finishing their nursing in Nepal, straightly march to Australia to become a registered …

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Career as a Photographer in Australia

Career as a Photographer in Australia - NepaliPage

The good news is that if you have a camera and are aware of few know-how techniques you don’t need a degree to start a photography career in Australia. Nepalese students who likewise took photography as a hobby now can take it up as their career. Job outlook states the …

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Future of Aged Care Jobs in Australia

Nursing home residents confined to their rooms during COVID are like hypothetical tenants locked in their bedrooms by landlords – unable to take showers, able only to make only sandwiches for meals and cut off from visitors and socialising with fellow residents.

Choosing a career in the aged care sector is pretty much popular among Nepalese living in Australia. The sector not only offers a respectable position but also provides a sufficient income at optional working hours. So, the aged care job has gained attention from the international students, permanent residency holders …

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Career as Accountant in Australia

Career as Accountant in Australia - NepaliPage

“Future thinkers’ innovative financial leaders.” Australia has become a charismatic destination for education seekers and employment seekers. Most of the Nepalese land in the country to pursue higher education and later search for whooping salary to settle down in the country. And many Nepalese university graduates developed their career as an …

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