Australia needs 42,200 more software and application programmers 

Australia needs 42,200 more software and application programmers in the next four years, according to the National Skills Commission. The recent projection by the commission shows Australia will need an extra 1.2 million workers within 2026. ‘We have found that there will be a wide range of jobs growth across industries, job types and skill levels, the most growth will be in services industries and higher skill level jobs,’ the NSC mentioned in the projection report.  

Software and application programmers are one of the fast-growing professions with strongest employment increases. According to the data employment opportunities for software and application, programmers will increase by 27.0%. According to the NSC statistics in November 2021, there were 156,200 positions which will hit the number of 198,400 in November 2026.   

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Australia needs 42,200 more software and application programmers - NepaliPage

Health Care and Social Assistance, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Education and Training, and Accommodation and Food Services are the industries that account for almost two-thirds of the whole employment growth to November 2026. The commission accesses the jobs and skills that will be in demand in Australia over the coming years. 

90% of new job roles created in the time frame of November 2021 to November 2026 are expected to require higher qualifications. Care, Computing, Cognitive Ability, and Communication would be the most important skills.   

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