Your partner can’t cancel your visa

Domestic violence could be happening everywhere and Australia is not an exception in this case. It’s a universal ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani’, but to what extent we tolerate it? For many girls and women who are in a temporary or dependent or partner visa, the fear of losing visa-status to remain in Australia makes them silent. Honestly, in the majority of cases, the enormous majority of reported family violence cases men are perpetrators and women are victims. Men should seriously think about it and change themselves, what’s your opinion?  

Here is a legal aid educative video regarding family violence and immigration matters. Kerry Wright from the Community Legal education branch makes an interview with Katie Wrigley from the government law team to give listener or viewer more clear idea about family violence and temporary-visa cancellation issue. Many domestic violence victims in Australia keep silent on what they are suffering within the fear of losing their legal status to remain in Australia lawfully. Once you go through the video you will know about Australian immigration law and what to do if are in Australia on a temporary-visa after your relationship breaks down due to domestic violence.

Video: Your partner can’t cancel your visa


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