Madan Mani

Madan Mani, lives in Sydney, Software Engineer, Digital Marketeer, graduated from Federation University, has solid Journalism and Media background, worked for years in Nepalese National Dailies, Radios, Online & TVs.

Why I said yes to teaching instead of engineering

Why I said yes to teaching instead of engineering

Whenever I’m teaching a new formula or theory there’s always one student who asks, “But Mr Nagarkar, how does this apply in the real world?” It’s one of my favourite questions because I’ve got plenty of answers: there would be no aeroplanes without Newton’s laws of motion, no cruise control …

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WorldRemit Offers $10 Off on Money Transfers to Nepal

WorldRemit Offers $10 Off on Money Transfers to Nepal - NepaliPage

Global remittance service WorldRemit has announced a special promotional offer that will benefit the Nepalese community in Australia. The company is offering $10 off for first-time money transfers to Nepal from Australia. Many Nepalese living in Australia regularly send money back home to support their families, including friends and relatives, …

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Thousands of Nepalese Smart Licence used in Australia might be fake

Nepalese Smart Licence - NepaliPage

Thousands of drivers in Australia might be using fake driving licence to be behind the wheels. Nepalese driving licence used by temporary visa holders including international students might be fake. An investigation report released recently on smart driving licence distribution in Nepal suspects roughly 100,000 driving licences obtained illegally. Many …

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Australia’s skilled migration policy changed how and where migrants settle

Migration boost is bad news for Australia’s environment – we mustn’t ignore that - NepaliPage

Whether the skilled migration policy has been a success involves understanding whether or not highly educated immigrants are finding jobs that match their qualifications. Marco Amati, RMIT University; Joe Hurley, RMIT University; Qian (Chayn) Sun, RMIT University, and Siqin (Sisi) Wang, University of Southern California The Howard government (1996-2007) shifted …

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Government to toughen scrutiny of international students as it slashes net migration over two years

How to improve the migration system for the good of temporary migrants – and Australia - NepaliPage

The biggest contributors to the forecast net-overseas migration in 2022-23 were 270,000 international students, which was 170,000 more than in 2018-19. Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Australia’s net-overseas migration levels will be cut dramatically over two years to bring the country’s exploding intake back to sustainable numbers. In estimates to be …

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Australia plans to reduce immigration levels

Migrants lined up at immigration desk - nepalipage

Australia plans to scale back its immigration level through a ‘once-in-a-generation’ overhaul to return it to a sustainable level. Australia needs a migration system that enables her to get the skills she needs and works in the interest of Australia, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Saturday told reporters in Sydney. The …

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LMI guide for first home buyers

LMI guide for first home buyers - NepaliPage

Navigating the complex housing market landscape is not easy for many Australians, and for the first home owners it could be daunting. One significant problem many prospective home buyers are facing is extra thousands of dollars expenses on lenders mortgage insurance (LMI). This gives another substantial financial burden for new …

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