Benefits of Nepal Airlines Flights Sydney to Kathmandu for Nepalese in Australia

Nepalese living in Australia are excited for Nepal Airlines Flights Sydney to Kathmandu, as this will be commute changer for many with parents and family back home.

Benefits of Nepal Airlines Flights Sydney to Kathmandu for Nepalese in Australia - NepaliPage

Nepal Airlines is gearing up to launch a DIRECT FLIGHT from KATHMANDU to SYDNEY from June 21, 2023, onwards. This is exciting news for both Nepali and Australian travelers! So, what positive things can we anticipate if flights are started directly? We will cover that in detail in this blog! Let’s dive in!

Direct Nepal Airlines flights Sydney to Kathmandu: The Benefits

Those who travel by air would know the benefits of having direct flights. These direct flights are the fastest flights to reach the destination, and they are usually cheaper, with no complications. These non-stop flights are more convenient and save time. This will certainly bring ease for those who frequently travel from Kathmandu to Australia or vice-versa. Let’s discuss the advantages of Direct flight from Kathmandu to Sydney in detail.

  • Helps in saving money

The direct flight from Kathmandu to Sydney will save travellers’ money. Flying from Nepal to Australia is economically constraining as, at present, people fly with connecting flights. With the direct flight, the price of Kathmandu to Sydney travel can be moderate but comparatively less expensive than connecting flights. This hence shows that this direct flight will be budget-friendly to students who are moving to Australia for abroad studies.

  • Reach destination on time

Kathmandu to Sydney direct flights will help travellers in saving precious time that could be better spent enjoying their vacation or doing business purposes. All in all, the new direct flight provides travellers with the opportunity to reach Australia or Nepal ASAP.

  • Ease on Tourist travel

New direct flights will also help boost tourism in both countries. Australia has emerged as one of the top destinations for Nepali travellers, as thousands of people visit the country every year. Tourists, mostly international students’ family members, can fly directly from Nepal to Australia. This means going and coming back from Australia will be a peaceful trip.

  • Hassle-free and less complicated travel

 With this direct flight, you do not need to wait at the airport for another flight or move from one terminal to another. These flights help you skip flight delays, and you do not have to worry at all. Overall, Kathmandu to Sydney direct routing will reduce all the transit issues, bag transfers, and dealing with other airlines.

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Benefits of Nepal Airlines Flights Sydney to Kathmandu for Nepalese in Australia - NepaliPage

How to book a flight to Sydney with Nepal Airlines?

There are two way Nepal Airlines planning to offer ticket booking for travellers Sydney to Kathmandu and Kathmandu to Sydney flights. The first is offline, you can buy Sydney to Kathmandu flight or vice versa using your local travel agent. And, second you can buy Sydney to Kathmandu flight online, Nepal Airlines has its own ticket booking system. 

And, another third way is you can book Nepal Airlines ticket through your travel agent.

Book Nepal Airlines flight Sydney to Kathmandu online

If you are planning to visit Nepal from Sydney, Nepal Airlines is the only airlines has direct flights from Sydney to Kathmandu. To make easy for travellers the airlines has online ticket booking system for Sydney Kathmandu flights. You can book your Kathmandu flights from Sydney international airport through this link .

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