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PM Morrison reduces the public gathering to 2

limitation of social gathering in Australia-nepali-page

No country is safe from the COVID-19 attack. Australia too in the past few days has become a victim of these dangerous viruses. Hence, to reduce and control its spread, Prime Minster Morrison yesterday took up the stage to further narrow down the rules and regulations. Prime Minister on 2020, …

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A mysterious death of a Nepalese student in Sydney

A mysterious death of a Nepalese student in Sydney - NepaliPage

Every year thousands of Nepalese students arrive in Australia to pursue their dream career. Not only students, parents on the verge of providing quality education, international degree, well-settled life, invest in their children. But, the scenario of Nepalese students in Australia is completely different. So far nearly hundreds of Nepalese …

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Four men dragged to court on injuring a man in Hurstville

four people arrested-sydney-nepali-page

Yesterday in 2020, March 21, Southern Sydney faced a disastrous situation.  A 24-year and a 23-year older adult got severely injured by a troop of four men. The incident sparked between the two groups inside a hotel at Forest Road, Hurstville around, 3:15 am, on Saturday 2020, March 21. According …

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Know everything about the abandoned cars in Dubai


Dubai, the ultimate dumping ground of the most expensive cars! Imagine leaving the most expensive stuff you bought laying abandoned. Would you ever do that? Well, we guess not! But the playground of rich lads, Dubai is facing a very unusual issue- a case of abandoned expensive cars. In the …

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NRNA assists Nepalese students & migrants with food essentials


Nepalese residing in Australia now can calm themselves in the turmoil of COVID-19. NRNA Australia, is now making a move to console the well-being of the Nepalese students from 2020, March 23. The association decides to supply 30 days of essential amenities to international students. Considering the alarming situation in …

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