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Nepalese Man jailed for fake marriage

Nepalese Man jailed for fake marriage - NepaliPage

A Nepalese man aged 28-year was sentenced one month in prison and two years of probation Wednesday for involvement in marriage fraud. In Addition, he was ordered to pay 4000 US dollars fine. Eilove Shrestha made a barter arrangement for American permanent residency through a contract marriage paying a girl thousands …

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More Nepalese students opt for Study in Australia

Study in Australia, without doubt, the majority of Nepalese student opts for this option while planning for study overseas. Australian and Nepalese government figures also validate Nepalese student’s choice over selecting Australia for their study destination. A new figure from Nepal Government’s Education Ministry shows 43,494 Nepalese students seeking approval …

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Nepalese are the fourth-biggest settlers in Australia

Nepalese are the fourth-biggest settlers in Australia - NepaliPage

Not only in VET colleges and universities, trains, trams, and buses, the Nepalese population in Australia now noticeable every public space. It’s not uncommon to hear loud Nepali music in some Australian suburbs as well as long and lively phone conversation in train carriages almost in each commute. Yes, the …

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Canberra Matrix: 200 invited for 190 nominations

Canberra Matrix: another 528 invited for 190 nominations - NepaliPage

Canberra invited 200 candidates for state nomination for a 190-skilled nominated visa in a fresh Canberra Matrix round. The Matrix round on 9 January 2020 issued those 200 invitations from the matrix range 145 to 80 points. Besides the 190 nomination invitations, Canberra Matrix sent 75 invitations for state nomination …

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Friday three Nepalese lost life in drowning incidents

Friday three Nepalese lost life in drowning incidents - NepaliPage

Three young Nepalese lost their lives in two different water drowning incidents during Australian hot summer Friday. The incidents took place in two different Sydney locations Berowra National Park and Lake Canobolas. Friday afternoon at 2 pm, a 27-year old Nepalese man did not appear on the surface after diving …

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Nepalese boy arrested in Sydney for planing sexual-acts with a minor

Nepalese boy arrested in Sydney for planing sexual acts with a minor - NepaliPage

On the second day of a brand new decade, a Nepalese boy got arrested in Sydney, an Australian city for planning sexual-acts with underaged. Strike Force Trawler detectives detained the boy on Thursday from his apartment at Wentworthville, a western Sydney suburb after an extensive investigation, what they said. Police allege …

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Nepalese students spent 2.6 billion AUD to Study in Australia

Thousands of Nepalese youths cross the immigration desk at Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu, holding a green passport with golden Nepalese national emblem each day. Among them, a remarkable number cross the Nepalese border to study in Australia. These youngsters are the biggest spender for overseas education and contribute to Australian …

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Beach safety workshop for Nepalese living in Adelaide

Beach safety workshop for Nepalese living in Adelaide - NepaliPage

Do not go with numbers; many Nepalese international students lost their lives in Australia just for being ignorant, yes, being ignorant about water and beach safety. As seas surround Australia, being a skilled swimmer and understanding of water safety is a must. The majority of Nepalese do not have knowledge …

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