Thousands of Nepalese Smart Licence used in Australia might be fake

Nepalese Smart Licence - NepaliPage

Thousands of drivers in Australia might be using fake driving licence to be behind the wheels. Nepalese driving licence used by temporary visa holders including international students might be fake. An investigation report released recently on smart driving licence distribution in Nepal suspects roughly 100,000 driving licences obtained illegally. Many …

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Australia’s skilled migration policy changed how and where migrants settle

Migration boost is bad news for Australia’s environment – we mustn’t ignore that - NepaliPage

Whether the skilled migration policy has been a success involves understanding whether or not highly educated immigrants are finding jobs that match their qualifications. Marco Amati, RMIT University; Joe Hurley, RMIT University; Qian (Chayn) Sun, RMIT University, and Siqin (Sisi) Wang, University of Southern California The Howard government (1996-2007) shifted …

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Nepalese in Australia : Education, Work and Income  

Nepalese in Australia: Education, Work and Income - NepaliPage

Many people in Nepal have huge interest in the job, income, and lifestyle of Nepalese in Australia.  Now, for Nepalese, Australia is the eighth state, Nepalese are in majority in a handful Australian suburbs. Even interestingly, in many Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide VET colleges Nepalese are almost 100% of total students …

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10 Australian Suburbs, Nepalese Live in Australia

Why is Auburn such a popular hub for Nepalese in Australia - NepaliPage

Population of Nepalese in Australia has increased noticeably in last decade, based on Australian census 2021 the number of Nepalese live in Australia is 133,068.   Australia has become a melting pot for various cultures as the country welcomes everyone with open arms. As a popular migrant community, Nepali are …

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‘Are you asking us to sleep under the Harbour Bridge?’: 3 myths about international students and the housing crisis

‘Are you asking us to sleep under the Harbour Bridge?’: 3 myths about international students and the housing crisis - NepaliPage

International students who have not been in Australia for the past few years lack the rental and financial history that landlords require. Online, students talk about feeling discriminated against, with landlords considering them “high risk”, and housing crisis which is trending topic these days. Angela Lehmann, Australian National University There …

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