10 Australian Suburbs, Nepalese Live in Australia

Population of Nepalese in Australia has increased noticeably in last decade, based on Australian census 2021 the number of Nepalese live in Australia is 133,068.


Australia has become a melting pot for various cultures as the country welcomes everyone with open arms. As a popular migrant community, Nepali are making a great living in Australia. They prefer living in the suburbs as housing in the suburbs is larger and more affordable than in cities. Also, the fact that suburbs have a strong community spirit has attracted Nepali to settle in the suburbs. Let’s look into the details of the Nepali population in different suburbs of Australia.


Auburn, New South Wales

Auburn is a Western Sydney suburb, which is home to many Nepalese living Australia. It is located 18 kilometres west of Sydney’s Central Business District, Auburn has one of the most multicultural communities in Australia. According to latest Australian Census (2021), 4,972 Nepalese  living in this suburb. This is the major number of Nepalese living in Australia calling Auburn home. Many Nepalese international students prefer to live Auburn as it has direct and frequent train service to the Sydney city where most of them study and work. These days many Nepalese education consultancy, Nepalese mortgage agents, Nepalese migration agents, Nepalese restaurant, Nepalese tax agent, Nepalese realestate agent, concentrated in Auburn. Auburn has affordable living, a strong Nepali community, and plenty of Nepali groceries & restaurants, that makes newcomers easy to mingle. In addition, in Auburn, you will find various amenities within a 5 km radius.

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Hurstville, New South Wales

Southern Sydney suburbs are always favourite for Nepalese for living, from early days of settlement to recent years, Airportline apples Nepalese most. Hurstville, Rockdale, Kogarah are famous among the community. Hurstville is a suburb in Southern Sydney, located 16 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD. Also, this is part of the St George area, which is rated as one of the most amenity-rich suburbs in Sydney, so it is an excellent suburb to live and work in. The latest Australian census shows that 4,793 Nepali reside in Hurstville. 15.4 % of the total population of Hurtsville speaks Nepali language, amazing. Isn’t it? There are many Nepalese groceries in Hurstville as well as some famous eateries such as  Falcha Hurstville, Mirchi Indian, Nepali cuisine, and Nimto the Invitation are some of the most-loved Nepali restaurants where you can enjoy Nepali cuisine.

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10 Australian Suburbs, Nepalese Live in Australia - NepaliPage
‘International Nepal Day’ is most significant celebration among Nepalese living in Australia. Remembering Nepalese root and unifier of Nepalese identity marking Prithvi Jayanti. Photo: NepaliPage.com

Strathfield, New South Wales 

Close to the city, frequent trains, express and interstate train links, busses and other easy commute options with vibrant lifestyle, that is what many Nepalese attracted for. Strathfield the Inner West of Sydney suburb is located 15 km west of the Sydney CBD. Interestingly, Strathfield is also Australia’s one of the great facilities-equipped suburbs. It is a rich suburb in Sydney when it comes to Australian culture and history. The heritage-listed sites, including Strathfield Town Hall, Redmire and St Anne’s Church on Liverpool Road, amaze the tourists.

And, 3,339 Nepalese call home Strathfield. Nepalese makes up 2.5 % of Strathfield’s population. This is an increment in population, as it was only 2.2% in 2016. Many Nepalese international students live in this suburb, as its close to city where they can get job and employment opportunities. There are many Nepalese groceries, Nepalese restaurants came to operation with Nepalese population growth.  

Nepali is second most spoken language in Rockdale

Rockdale, New South Wales

Rockdale is a suburb of southern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is 13 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district. Rockdale has the best features in terms of residential, commercial and industrial aspects. 

A total of 2,486 Nepali people live here, and this is 1.9 % of the total Nepali living in Australia. Also, 16.7% of people have Nepal as their ancestry. After English, Nepali is the second most spoken language. Furthermore, Rockdale has become a business hub for Nepali; thus, you can see different Nepali-origin businesses and offices in Rockdale.

This is always favourite place for Nepalese, many Nepalese jewellery shops, Nepalese restaurants, Nepalese migration agents, Nepalese realestate agents, Nepalese mortgage agents, training organisation are based in Rockdale.

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Campsie, New South Wales 

Campsie suburb is 11 kilometres southwest of the Sydney central business district. This suburb offers a high level of convenience as it is quite well-equipped in terms of amenities. 

Within the population of 26,132 Campsie enjoys a multicultural environment that leads array of options for a cultural experience. The Nepali population is also a prominent one in Campsie, as 2,407 Nepali live here. The Nepali population makes up 1.8% of the total population in Campsie, but the Nepali population in Campsie has decreased as it was 2.9 % in 2016.

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10 Australian Suburbs, Nepalese Live in Australia
New South Wales Nepali population is connected each other through ‘Nepalese in Sydney’ Facebook group. The group has 41k plus Nepali members mostly shares job and room related posts.

Granville, New South Wales

Granville is a suburb in western Sydney. In addition, Granville is a multicultural suburb with good amenities nearby. 2,215 Nepalese live here, and it is 1.7% of Granville’s total population, which is 10,769 According to the 2021 census.

Granville is in between Parramatta and Auburn, Parramatta is fast growing and developing suburb which is called second CBD after Sydney.This suburb offers comfortable housing option as well as close to many industrial area which offers variety of jobs. Not only Nepalese international students and temporary visa holders many early settlers call Granville home. Apartments and home in the area still affordable to buy as well as get in rent. 

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Kogarah, New South Wales

Kogarah is a place full of facilities for families, young people and professionals. This versatile location is 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) southwest of the Sydney Central Business District. 93,723 people share the land within Kogarah for their dwellings. Among them, 1,903 are Nepali. Compared to the 2016 census report, the number of Nepali living in this area has decreased by 1.2 %.

Glenroy, Victoria 

Glenroy is in the Top 8 place when in comes to suburb where Nepali love to reside in Australia. In fact, it is the only preferred suburb in Melbourne, as most Nepali love to dwell in the suburbs of Sydney, NSW. Glenroy is located 12 km north of Melbourne’s Central Business District.Regarding population, Glenroy has 23,792 population as per the latest census done in Australia. Among them, 1,860 are Nepali. The number is almost similar to the Nepali population in 2016.

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10 Australian Suburbs, Nepalese Live in Australia - NepaliPage
Majority of Nepali live in Australia are connected each other through Facebook groups. Community facebook groups are popular platform to share room, job as well as means of advertisement for community based businesses.

Parramatta, New South Wales

Parramatta is a prime place in the Australian history of industry, agriculture and politics. Parramatta suburb is a busy commercial and government hub in Greater Western Sydney and around 24 kilometres west of Central Sydney. This suburb is located on the banks of the Parramatta River.

According to the 2021 census, the total population of Parramatta was 256,729. Among them, 1,593 were Nepali, which is 1.2% of the total Parramatta population. Further, the number of people in Parramatta is increasing compared to the 2016 population. The increment may be due to Nepali people’s love for facilities and love for nature, as Parramatta has almost all facilities and a short escape to nature. You can opt to enjoy bushwalks, birdwatches, and artistic creativity here.

 Ashfield, New South Wales 

At the 10th spot is Ashfield suburb in Inner West of Sydney. It is located about 8 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. Numerous grand Victorian buildings represent Ashfield’s rich cultural heritage. People love to spend their weekends in Ashfield Park, Pratten Park, Hammond Park, Yeo Park, and Explorers Park of Ansfield. Ashfield has a multicultural population of 23,841, where 1,547 are Nepali.


Wrapping Up

Australia has become a more popular destination for Nepali for foreign studies and even settlement, all thanks to the world-class education system, easy path to permanent residency, work opportunities and a great lifestyle. In the past 10 years, the Nepali community has become the fastest-growing migrant community, and this trend is set to stay in the upcoming years as well.


*Note: [ The population data is extracted from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.]

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