NepaliPage Community Journalism Policy

NepaliPage as a Nepalese Community Media in Australia tries to tailor National & Global events as per Nepalese Australian perspective.


Australian Nepalese are an integral part of Australia population. Though there are huge numbers of mainstream newspaper, television, radio, and other digital media including online, Nepalese Community in Australia needs a media that represent them and their worldview on contemporary issues. There are many multicultural community media outlets some trying to present news and current affair in Nepali language, but not enough content and reach. NepaliPage- Nepalese Australian Community Media

We, NepaliPage, aiming to reach wider Nepalese Australian Community with tailored contents to entertain their interest on local, national, and global issues. We try to be more proactive in community need based issues.


We (NepaliPage) are committed to


  • Provide accurate information: our baseline is ABC of Journalism. We try to deliver accurate information with balanced view and clarity.
  • Open & Ready for correction: while practicing community journalism, we always try to verify information, facts, and figures. But errors and mistake does happen, if ever it happens, and we publish inaccurate information once we get idea its mistake, we correct it as soon as possible.
  • No delete policy: basically, we do not delete posts once they are online. If we remove any based on valid reason, we delete content and keep URL with note why the content is not available on the page.
  • Ethics of Journalism: we follow Australian and global ethical practice of journalism.
  • Accessibility: we try to be accessible to everyone.
  • Fair competition: we believe on competition and fair go. In relation to advertisement on our channels and news/contents we try to give equal opportunity to all members of community.
  • Positivity: we are not mainstream media; our aim is to give community a positive vibe. Success stories, communal harmony, cultural inclusion, and diversity are in our focus.
  • Freedom of expression & Free Marketplace of ideas

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Disclaimer: (नेपालीपेज डटकम) is a Nepalese Community website aggregating Nepalese Australian affairs including Australian Nepali Community News, Migration opportunities in Australia, Nepali International Students, Nepali home and garden, Nepali mortgage and real estate tips, tricks, and services, Travel, Entertainment, Nepalese Events, blogs, interview and many more. None of our stories is tailored expert advice for your circumstance, and cannot be taken as legal, migration, or any other expert advice. By nature, all of our contents provide general information on related topics from the various verified sources. We do not offer direct employment opportunities, Australian VISA help, and Migration assistance.

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