Students failed to recognise their bank, got visa cancelled at Sydney Airport   

Two international students got their student visa cancelled at Sydney airport, failing to recognise the bank from which they got their financial statements. Those two students could not give an impression of genuine students to the case officer, who arrived here to study. A Sydney-based registered migration agent reviled the case over TikTok.

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Students failing to recognise their bank got visa cancelled at Sydney Airport  - NepaliPage

Those students were asked about their bank accounts in a bank from which they submitted statements to prove their financial ability to fund their Australian studies. Migration agent Nasir Nawaz further describes those students presented all documents and receipts from the agent they processed and told the true story of their family situation. He even told the case officer interviewing at the airport, as part of the investigation, that he needs to earn to run his family.

A third student returning to Australia after a home visit also lost his student visa, not declaring information correctly on the passenger card. Those all three students are from Pakistan.

Nawaz recommends students and travellers ask for an interpreter’s help if they experience difficulties understanding queries, language, or accent of the officer at the airport. Using an interpreter helps to describe the situation with comfort. Those who got their visa cancelled did not ask for interpreter help. He mentioned on the video, he will update more on this issue in the coming days through his TikTok handle.

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His video is already being watched 86k times on TikTok. Rai Atif, a student in Australia, commented on the video that he has also been asked about his travel, studies, and course completion dates at Sydney Airport when he returned visiting families in Pakistan. He mentioned the immigration officer at the airport did his fingerprints on a device where he saw all his details.

In its last provider update in July, Australian immigration mentioned they found many false documents are being used for student visas from the South Asia region. Specially they said Nepal, India, and Pakistan. Further, they asked education providers to take extra measures such as video interviews through zoom or similar apps to confirm the genuineness of the student. ‘The Department has identified the widespread use of fraudulent financial documents in visa applications from Pakistan. This appears to be organised by a small group of education agents. Fraudulent education qualifications have also been detected in the Pakistan caseload.’ Home Affairs Department, Australia mentioned on the provider update.

Nepalese students also flagged

Australian immigration also flagged Nepalese students as applications for the VET sector increased dramatically in the last couple of years. The department said in the provider update document, ‘Fraud is present in the Nepalese caseload, and there has been a significant increase in lodgements in the VET sector.’

The Australian high commission, India, recently asked Nepalese students to submit tax receipts for all their financial claims.

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