Rockdale is still a hub for Nepalese in Sydney

Though recent census shows Auburn as the suburb most Nepali people live in, Rockdale, the former top Nepali dense suburb still a popular hub for Nepalese in Sydney.

When you get on T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line train, you will see many Nepali faces passing you if you are familiar with Nepal and Nepalese. You will get the Nepalese impression of talking loudly over the phone, shooting TikTok videos, and sitting in a group wearing a Nepali outfit.

Rockdale is still a hub for Nepalese - NepaliPage
You can find many Nepalese businesses around Rockdale station. Image: NepaliPage

The suburb is home to many Nepalese businesses, many of which are iconic for Nepalese in Sydney. Many Nepalese groceries, education & migration agents, mortgage agents, training centres, restaurants, travel agencies, tax agents, etc. seem concentrated in Rockdale. Not only early settlers, but Rockdale is also equally popular to newcomers. However, many choose Auburn or another suburb to live in. Still, Rockdale gives a Nepalese vibe.

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How many Nepalese in Rockdale?

About a decade ago, Rockdale was the top suburb where most Nepali speakers used to live. 2011 Census recorded 1,096 Nepali-speaking population living in the suburb. That changed in 2016, as Auburn became a home for many Nepalese. In 2016 Nepalese population was recorded as 2,076 in Rockdale, and the latest 2021 census showed 2,486 Nepali-speaking people living in the suburb. It’s the fourth Australian suburb Nepali-speaking population live.

Sumbakamana Restaurant at Rockdale   - NepaliPage
There are handful of Nepalese restaurants in Rockdale, MoMo is the most popular among Nepalese.

Nepali is the second spoken language in Rockdale

As a significant Nepalese population live in the suburb, Nepali is the second most spoken language in Rockdale. As per the recent 2021 census data, Nepali is the most spoken language besides English; 16.1% of the Rockdale population speaks the Nepali language.

Nepalese is the most common ancestry in the suburb; a total of 2,579 people living in Rockdale have roots in Nepal. Two thousand four hundred fifty-one were born in Nepal.

Asan Bazaar Nepalese grocery store in Rockdale- NepaliPage
Growing groceries stores made Rockdale as a grocery hub for Nepalese living nearby suburbs too.

How many Hindus are in Rockdale?

Hinduism is the prominent religion that people living in Rockdale follow. The majority of people, 21%, identified themselves with no religion. 3,247 population identified they do not have any religious affiliation. Two thousand eight hundred twelve people identified themselves as Hindu, 18.2% of the population living in Rockdale.

Rockdale is a hub for Nepalese business

This Southern Sydney suburb is not only popular among Nepalese but also home to many Nepalese businesses. Many Nepalese have set up their business and office in Rockdale. In Rockdale, if you turn your head 360, you will find at least one Nepalese business. Even Nepalese business owners has started Nepalese Business Council of Rockdale to promote Nepalese entrepreneurship.

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Prem Acharya runs Dented Code Academy teaches Programming skills to new migrants - NepaliPage

Prem Acharya runs the software training institute Dented Code Academy that runs coding Bootcamp in Sydney, near Rockdale train station. ‘It’s a convenient location for us as it’s not far from the city and close to the suburbs where a significant number of Nepalese live,’ Acharya said. Being from the same community & running Bootcamp close to them, Prem has substantial Nepalese students doing programming job-ready programs. Prem said, ‘we are helping our community people to achieve a rewarding and prestigious career in IT industry, it will uplift whole community and country at large as most of our graduates got the job they desired.’

Dented Code Academy runs coding bootcamp in Sydney  - NepaliPage
Building at King Street, Rockdale full of Nepalese businesses.

Some of the Nepalese businesses in Rockdale

1. Dented Code – Software Training Centre (job-ready IT training)
2. Shine Business Advisory – Tax Agent
3. Third Eye Rooftop Restaurant
4. Shubhakamana Restaurant
5. Aussieglobe Education & Migration
6. Everest Butchery
7. Airport Sekuwa Corner
8. Jai Ho Instyle Nepalese boutique
9. Asan Bazar
10. Heshela Supermarket
11. Buddha Jewellery
12. Indreni Function Centre
13. Nepmart Saree & Lehenga Shop


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