How to Find a Divorce Lawyer in Australia, things to know  

Divorce is not an end of life; it’s a difficult turning point where you feel broken emotionally, financially, and socially, in some instances. A good divorce lawyer could help you make things right on this point.


Forgot right and wrong. Good and bad as well. Its truth the term Divorce gives your life a new direction. It’s up to you how you want to move forward. But yes, filing an application for Divorce with someone you dream of living together forever is a tough time. While separating from your partner, you want the best possible settlement. In this regard, finding a divorce lawyer in Australia who is experienced in family law and willing to work for you is the only way to achieve this. This article describes how you could get such a divorce lawyer in Australia.

How to know you are with a good lawyer?

If you are at the stage of ending your relationship with your partner and ready to file a divorce in Australia, make sure you made everything clean and clear with your lawyer. If your lawyer answers all your question in yes or no, that’s fantastic. Most lawyers give you a clear-cut idea of what would happen and answer you on yes or no, no grey zone. Do not go with a lawyer who does not give you straight answers. Do not be in the dark and unaware of the process; step what’s going on.

People do not bother to read and know all the legal proceedings until they get into any legal problem. Legal proceedings are a bit complicated and confusing for the public quite often. Tell your lawyer what happened; if you are unsure about anything, what do you expect from the trial? Your lawyer must respond to you promptly and clear your confusion.

Be clear about fees & charges.

While you look around to find a lawyer ask about their fees & charges. This is an important aspect of your deal. Ask your lawyer any questions you may have about fees. Many people, in the end, experience a hard time for the fee charged. However, many don’t charge much. There may be a few things you can manage yourself, especially the documentation part so that you could save a bit. If your partner cooperates, that will help reduce the separation cost. It is important to understand and agree on legal fees clearly, so you would not be surprised by bills.

Seek community and government legal support 

You could get legal support from various community organisations and state and federal governments in Australia. You may get free legal advice through Legal Aid, depending on your case and circumstance. There are Community Legal Centres to provide free legal advice and services for the needy. Even some lawyers give free service as volunteer community support. If you are in such a condition, unable to afford paid legal consolation or service, seek free support.   

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How to Find a Divorce Lawyer in Australia, things to know - NepaliPage

How to find Legal Help 

There are various organisations offering free counselling and service for needy people to access justice. Here is a list of some organisations based in different Australian territories. All states and territories offer legal assistance for needy people who can not afford hefty legal fees to keep justice accessible for all. You can find more on their website how they help people and whether you are eligible to get those services or not.  

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

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How to Find a Divorce Lawyer in Australia, things to know - NepaliPage

How to find a lawyer in Australia?

It’s not that hard to find a private lawyer in Australia to represent you in court. But, it’s not easy to find one that you can trust, matches your requirements, and is friendly to your pocket. It’s not a good idea to choose the first lawyer that comes across. It will help if you do your research so you can find one that exactly fits your need. 

Do your research

Ask your friends, family, or community leader who has an idea about local family lawyers. The law society in your state or local government area would be another source. Please make a list of lawyers in your locality, check their websites, and read Google reviews. You will get an idea which better fits your need.  

You need a family lawyer 

A corporate lawyer or best criminal lawyer would not help you much for Divorce. You need to hire a specialised family law lawyer. You may go through specialised areas such as child custody, parenting dispute, business, wills, and estate. So, a family lawyer could help you on this matter.

Lawyers in NSW

 Lawyers in Northern Territory

Lawyers in Queensland

Lawyers in South Australia

Lawyers in Tasmania

Lawyers in Victoria

Lawyers in Western Australia

Talk with each lawyer on your list 

While selecting a lawyer, narrow down your list and conduct a detailed interview with each of them. You can do it over the phone, at least. You should ask all questions and satisfy yourself with their expertise and knowledge. If you do not, go with your instincts and find someone else.

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