Watch, if you drive with Nepalese driving license

Australia is the most desired destination for Nepalese students for abroad study. Australia offers many things to the international student including work-rights. One of the appealing facilities is Nepalese students or temporary visitors can drive in Australia with the driving license of their country. This facility enables students to explore and commute Australia a more easy way. Not only commute, being able to drive in Australia with Nepalese driving license student will be more employable. Owning a car and having driving skill and license makes easy to achieve higher paying jobs which are often need a short to medium drive. 

You can drive in Australia with Nepalese license and the condition will be the same mentioned on the Nepalese driving license. Means, if you are granted Nepalese driving license to drive motorbike and car, you can ride and drive both in Australia. But you need to know the road rules and follow the traffic regulations as set by the Australian states. If your license is not in English, usually in Nepal they use Nepalese calendar date and Names and other details are in English. But, if requested Nepalese authorities print and provide all license in the English language. So, in many cases, you do not need to translate your Nepalese license. Otherwise, you need to get NAATI certified translation with Nepalese license.

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If you drive a car in Australia with Nepalese license you must understand the following things to keep yourself on road:

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Australian driving license holder Nepalese can get Nepali driving license without exam

If you have obtained Australian driving licence during your stay in Australia, you can convert it into Nepali driving licence. Nepalese driving license regime allows overseas driving license conversion without hustle.