Ways to get NAATI Nepali Test Sample free

Many Nepali NAATI CCL Test takers looking around free NAATI practice materials, but such material hardly helps to pass NAATI CCL Test

Just after booking a test date for NAATI CCL Nepali test an idea comes into mind is how to get NAATI Nepali test samples? Without spending a minute you probably type the question on Google to find the free materials to prepare NAATI CCL Nepali. What happens next is frustrating for you, the result page of Internet giant shows only different NAATI CCL preparation centers and their offers along with contact details. Yes, there is no adequate preparation materials available online for NAATI Nepali Test, if you try a simple way. But, if you go a smart way you will find almost all reading and practice material free online to prepare yourself for NAATI Nepali Test.

Why we don’t get NAATI Nepali Test Sample free

The answer of the Why, for not getting NAATI Nepali Test Sample free is your perception to the test itself. Majority of us think NAATI Nepali Test as a test focused on only our language skill in Nepali and English. So we only search keywords and audio or transcript that is similar to the NAATI Nepali Test Sample provided by NAATI on its website. (You can download NAATI Nepali Test sample materials clicking HERE). That’s the reason we do not get free materials to prepare the NAATI CCL Test. Though, the NAATI CCL Test focuses on the use of language but, it’s not the only a language use test, it’s a test for your understanding of Australian society.

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Though, the NAATI CCL Nepali test consists of two recorded dialogues including English and Nepali sequences one after another. That is based on real-life situations occurs in Australian society, which especially in the domains of health, legal, community, immigration or settlement, education, social services as well as financial, housing, business, employment, insurance, and consumer affairs. It means the test covers all Australian activities in overall. In this condition searching, NAATI Nepali Test Sample for free in an audio or keyword format really gives no adequate solutions.

How to get NAATI Nepali Test Sample free

As mentioned earlier, NAATI Nepali Test is a test that examines our understanding of Australian society involving two languages Nepali and English. It means we should understand how Australian Society functions in reality if we know this we can comprehend the meaning of the message that we will hear through recording on the test room. So while preparing you to need to focus on Australian Society and its services how state mechanism functions and the way people in Australia access social services. For that, you can use various government websites to enhance your understanding of Australian Society. Reading FAQs of health care, insurance, transport service providers website may give you some scenario and style of language use.

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Read Newspaper and news portals

It’s the best idea to make you familiar with Australian society and the aforementioned domains from where you will get dialogue recording in the NAATI Nepali Test. Keep in mind while reading news all quotes in direct speech are similar to the test recording sequences. If you add a question in Nepali before the quoted speech it will be exactly similar to the dialogue you encounter in NAATI Nepali Test.

How to get NAATI Nepali Test Sample free - NepaliPage
If you add a question in Nepali before the quoted speech it will be exactly similar to the dialogue you encounter in NAATI Nepali Test. Photo: a screenshot of SBS news.

Personally, I recommend news.com.au, nepalipage.com/np, gorkhapatraonline.com & sbs.com.au/Punjabi

Listening Radio

Listening to a radio station is another good way to prepare you to smash the NAATI Nepali Test with the best score. Listening radio gives you an idea on the use of language and grammar as well as keywords Australian people use in their conversations.

I suggest KIIS FM 106.5 station

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Watching TV

Watching television is another way to get familiar with NAATI Nepali Test questions. Various programs on ABC TV give an idea about government as well as essential services and the way you can access those services. Those all situations and conversations are similar to the test recording and situations.

Watching ABC TV through iView App could be a good idea to get materials or concept for the NAATI CCL Nepali Test.

Make own keyword list

Many of us ask friends and teachers/mentors (if you taking a class to prepare for NAATI Nepali Test) for the test ‘the keywords list’. This may work for some but memorising particular keywords would not help you to understand and comprehend the meaning of the message. Because in language situation and placement of the word determines meaning that would convey. For example, ‘Well’ may not give a meaning ‘good’ always. To make your keyword list go for the literature that deals with the NAATI Nepali Test domains from where you understand the use and meaning of the words properly.

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