Australian driving license holder Nepalese can get Nepali driving license without exam

If you have obtained Australian driving licence during your stay in Australia, you can convert it into Nepali driving licence. Nepalese driving license regime allows overseas driving license conversion without hustle.

Nepalese who has obtained Australian driving license can get Nepali driving license and they do not need to sit for any test. Section 52 of Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act, 2049 (1993) recognises Australian driving license as license obtained in foreign country. For that one need to apply for Nepali driving license with a certified copy of citizenship, three copies of the recent passport sized photos, and medical fitness certificate by a doctor.

Once you lodge an application and pay the fee you will get Nepali driving license to drive motor vehicle specified in Australian one.

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You cannot drive in Nepal with Australian License

If you are travelling Nepal anytime soon and have concept that you can drive in Nepal with your Australian driving licence, that’s wrong. Though Nepali driving licence holders can drive in Australia with and under Nepali driving licence conditions, in Nepal you cannot drive under Australian licence conditions. Either you must obtain Nepali licence or international driving permit to drive in Nepal.

International license holders can drive in Nepal

If you hold an international driving permit (IDP) you can drive in Nepal. Nepal recognise IDP and allows an international driving license holders to drive within Nepal all the vehicles which they are entitled to drive under IDP. If you hold an Australian driving licence, you can obtain IDP from Australian Automobile Association by paying 42 dollars fee. Once an IDP issued, you can drive around the world entire year.

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