Police Clearance Certificate of Nepal: An Ultimate Guide

You can see numerous Nepali students and jobseekers going to foreign nations like Australia, Japan, Canada, USA. To get their visa approved, they would need a police report from Nepal. Let’s look at the details of a Police report /Police Certificate/ Police Clearance Certificate of Nepal in detail.

Police Clearance Certificate: An Introduction

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an important legal document often required at immigration points when a person wishes to go abroad or relocate to another country for studies or travelling, work as an immigrant, or for a permanent residency.

Why do you need a Police Clearance Certificate? 

You must obtain a police clearance certificate to demonstrate that you have no criminal history. This certificate shows your character as an individual who is a law-abiding citizen. You will require a police character certificate if the immigration officer asks you to finish your application as a worker for temporary or permanent residence. To be eligible For Police Clearance Certificate, you must own a valid passport and address proof, be 16 years and above, and have other legal supporting documents.

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Police Clearance Certificate of Nepal: An Ultimate Guide - NepaliPage

How to apply Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in-person?

If you are in Nepal and you are a citizen or non-citizen, then you can opt for the in-person police clearance certificate.

  • You have to visit the “Verification Section, Crime Investigation Department, Police Headquarters”.
  • You must take the required copy of the documents along with the original document.
  • The authorities will provide you with guidelines on how to submit the completed application along with documents.
  • The respective department or official will process your application and tell you when you can revisit to collect documents.
  • After getting a notification, you can collect the certificate from the office.

But if you are a Nepali living overseas, then you can apply for the following steps to get your police certificate through an embassy or consulate in-person.

  • You can visit the nearest embassy or consulate in person and apply.
  • Get an application form from the embassy and find out the details for this procedure. Make sure to call and fix an appointment.
  • Go to the office on the scheduled date with all the documents in original and in copy. Make sure to listen to the guidelines given by them.
  • The respective department will process this application.
  • Upon notification, you can collect the certificate from the respective office.

How to apply for PCC online?

  1. Visit the website: https://opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np/.


  1. Get yourself registered, fill in your information, and given captcha.


  1. After completing filling information, you must log in with the provided temporary password. You can then change your temporary password to a new one.


  1. Provide accurate, correct details in all five steps: Personal Information, Address, Documents, Self-Declaration, and Confirmation.


  1. Upload all of your clear and correctly sized images and documents.


  1. Make sure to use page 3 of the passport when you fill out the stamp for a password.


  1. In the self-declaration area, you must mention no criminal past you may have.


  1. Recheck all of your information. Click confirm once you have completed it.


  1. You can see the status of the application as in progress. The Police headquarters will then verify your documents and other details.


  1. It may take 3 days (longer if there are any holidays in between) for verification. You can check the application status; if everything is correct, then you will see Completed on the status, but if it is rejected, you can see Rejected with the reason for it.


  1. After getting the completed status, you can download and print the Certificate.


As per Nepal Police, it will take 3 days to verify and prepare your police clearance certificate, but this time period may lengthen if any holiday or special occasion takes place in between.

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Get the Nepalese Police Report in three days from Nepal - NepaliPage


Documents needed to get Police Clearance Certificate 

For General Nepalese citizen

  • Police clearance certificate application form
  • Valid passport and Citizenship Card
  • Passport-size colour photos
  • Email ID and valid Contact Number
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement)
  • Marriage Registration Certificate (For Married People)


For Nepali people abroad

  • Nepali Passport Pages: Page numbers 2, (Bio Page) 3(Passport Issuing Authority Seal page) and 31(Next of Kin page)
  • Citizenship Card
  • Passport size colour-photos
  • Marriage Registration Certificate

Wrapping Up

A Police Report or Police Clearance Certificate is a crucial document if you are aspiring to move foreign land and develop a future there. If you are a Nepali in Australia, the best option for you will be to apply online as it is free and convenient.

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