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Permanent Residency in Canada for Registered Nurses

Permanent Residency in Canada for Registered Nurses- NepaliPage

Registered Nurses are one of the most shouted occupations for skilled migration over the world. In case Canada permanent residency for Registered Nurses is in high demand. Registered Nurses are on The Canadian NOC List and the code is 3012. Registered nurses are eligible to migrate into Canada through the …

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Canada to offer 401,000 permanent residency in 2021

Canada to offer 401,000 permanent residency places in 2021 - NepaliPage

Canada plans to invite more immigrants as permanent settlers into the country to help the economy to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic impact. According to the Canadian government, immigration levels plan the country wants to welcome 401,000 permanent residents in 2021. Under the 2021-2030 Immigration Levels Plan the country will …

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Get the Nepalese Police Report in three days from Nepal

Get the Nepalese Police Report in three days from Nepal - NepaliPage

Nepalese living overseas now can get Nepalese Police Report from Nepal Police in there business days. Nepal Police has introduced a new police clearance registration system online to help Nepalese living overseas to get Nepali Police Report easily. With this new system, you do not need to have your relatives …

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Kathmandu Airport renovated with social distancing measures

The only international airport Nepal has got a new look during lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tribhuvan International Airport renovated and got ready for operation with social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While Nepal is under lockdown suspending all flights domestic and international, airport management took advantage …

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Bhim Niroula rocked Britain’s Got Talent crowd

Bhim Niroula rocked Britain’s Got Talent crowd - NepaliPage

Without British accent, a Nepalese origin contestant on Britain’s Got Talent rocked the whole mass with his catchy song. Saturday Bhim Niroula prompted Britain’s Got Talent crowd to sing with him his six years back viral song ‘Sunday Morning Love You.’ Though he got red buzzer by Simon Cowell at …

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8 Nepalese affected from COVID-19 in Australia


The Embassy of Nepal, Canberra reported nearly eight Nepali students in Australia have been tested positive with noble COVID-19 on 2020, March 03.  The name of the students has not been released by the Australian Embassy, but the students hail from NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania. The Embassy of Nepal is …

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Nepali Pashmina becomes a major hit in European Market

Pashmina or Cashmere is known as the softest, and highly delicate fabric supplied by the Nepalese market. This handmade product is the third-largest overseas export, but the absence of proper policy and failure to produce raw material, the industry is really lacking behind. As per the statistics released by the …

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Arthur Gunn enters top 40, American Idol Season 18


A proud moment for all Nepalese! 20-year old throaty singer, Arthur Gunn steps in American Idol Season 18. The Kansas based singer in the latest episode of ‘American Idol’ aired on 2020, March 23 gave in an invigorating take on Creedence Clearwater Revival. With the limited time on hand, the …

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