Nepal Rastra Bank Licensed Remittance Companies in Nepal

‘दाई …. रेमिट लिगल हो?’
‘दाई … रेमिटको रेट र धेरै राम्रो छ हुण्डी हो कि लिगल हो?’
‘दाई …. लाई चिन्नुहुन्छ? मेरो … हजार डलर नेपालमा दिँदै दिएन, अब के गर्ने होला दाई? फोन पनि उठाउन्न’

These are some of the questions that often hit our inbox. Dozens of Nepalese students scammed by unofficial money transfer agents ‘हुण्डी’ in Australia last year. There is a flood of catchy rates and slogans in community groups over Facebook and other social media. ‘Rates on fire, Call/PM for today’s rate’; ‘no transfer fee for first 25 transactions’ or slightly higher rates than a bank and formal money transfer agents, are enough to catch attention. In many cases these slogans are a honey trap once you get into it, you lose your money.

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In the past couple of years, Nepalese students lost more than half a million dollars in such ‘हुण्डी’ scam. After a big ‘Hundi’ scam surfaced in the year 2020, the Consulate General of Nepal, Victoria warned students they could face several consequences if they transfer money using ‘HUNDI’, including jail term with huge penalties for illegal money laundering.

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To make clear Nepal Rastra Bank has published a list of licensed remittance companies in Nepal, which are legal means to transfer money into the country from overseas. If you are sending money home from overseas you should choose one of them or their registered agent overseas. Before transferring your money to the agent’s account check they are NRB registered Remittance Company or overseas agent anyone does not mention such, you start to doubt and ask.

List of Nepal Rastra Bank Licensed Remittance Companies in Nepal

1. Annapurna Travel And Tours (P) Ld
2. Easylink Remittance Pvt. Ltd
3. Buddha International(Everest International) Remit Pvt. Ltd.
4. Genius Express Remit Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
5. Gandaki Remit Pvt. Ltd.
6. Muncha Money Transfer (P) Ltd
7. Samsara Remit Pvt. Ltd.
8. Nepal Universal Money Transfer Service Pvt. Ltd.
9. Hulas Remittance Pvt. Ltd.
10. Nepal Remit International Pvt. Ltd.
11. United Remit Pvt. Ltd.
12. Lalit Money Transfer P. Ltd.
13. Prabhu Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
14. Sewa Remit Pvt. Ltd.
15. CG FINCO Pvt. Ltd.
16. IME Limited
17. Q. S. Remit Pvt. Ltd.
18. Ramro Remit Pvt. Ltd.
19. Cashway Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
20. National Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
21. Esara Remit Pvt. Ltd.
22. Bhatbhateni Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
23. Hub Remit Pvt. Ltd.
24. Namaste Remit International Pvt. Ltd.
25. Pay Safe Remit Pvt. Ltd.
26. Esewa Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
27. Maya Remit Pvt. Ltd.
28. Goodwill Remit Pvt. Ltd.
29. Thamel Remit Pvt. Ltd.
30. Smart Remit Pvt. Ltd.
31. CFS Remit Pvt. Ltd.
32. Global Mountain Remit Pvt. Ltd.
33. Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd.
34. Overseas Remit Pvt. Ltd.
35. Max Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
36. Remit To Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
37. Yes Remit Pvt. Ltd.
38. Times Remit Pvt. Ltd.
39. I Pay Remit (P.) Ltd.
40. My Remit Pvt. Ltd.
41. Kantipur Remit (P.) Ltd.
42. G.M.E. Remit (P.) Ltd.
43. Pashupati Nepal Remit (P.) Ltd.
44. Sansar Remit Pvt. Ltd.
45. Mahakali Remit Pvt. Ltd.
46. K.M.E. International Remittance Pvt. Ltd.
47. Modern Money Express Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
48. City Express Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
49. Advance Money Transfer Pvt Ltd
50. Nava Durga Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
51. Zenith Remit Pvt. Ltd.
52. Surya Remit Pvt. Ltd.
53. Panos Remmit Pvt. Ltd.
54. Digitek Remittance Pvt. Ltd.
55. C.G. Money Remit Pvt. Ltd.
56. J.M.E. Remit Company Pvt. Ltd.

This list is based on Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)’s updated list of remittance companies. Check NRB’s list before you proceed with any transaction.

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