You could face jail for using HUNDI to transfer money to Nepal

Are you looking for well-paid rates to transfer money to Nepal over social media? There is a pretty high chance, you could be scammed by ‘HUNDI’ agents and lose money as well as a legal ground to claim your money paid back. Recently many cases of fraud by ‘HUNDI’ operators surfaced, the alarming scene is many international students, and Nepalese community members screwed up by handful ‘HUNDI’ agents and seemed going to lose millions of hard-earned dollars.

One of the HUNDI victims used the illegal and informal way to transfer money to Nepal at the brink of losing his hard-earned 130,000 AUD. He used a Melbourne based ‘HUNDI’ agent to transfer money to Nepal for his parents. In another case, a man is waiting for six-seven months to be paid from a ‘HUNDI’ agent in Australia who handed over more than 60,000 dollars in Nepalese rupees in Kathmandu. NepaliPage understands a couple of such fraudulent cases in which HUNDI senders and receivers are at the tip of losing their money. Many of them used HUNDI for the better exchange rate, though aware of associated risks and delayed delivery. 

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NepaliPage knows, there are many social accounts over Viber, Facebook, and other social media operated to scam innocent students and use the money to fund their casino and drug addiction. After more than dozens of such HUNDI fraud by Melbourne based agent surfaced, the Consulate General of Nepal, Victoria released a press statement warning HUNDI senders and agents they could face jail terms for their activities. The Consulate General said, ‘One could be faced with several consequences if found transferring money using “HUNDI,” including legal consequences wherein you could end face a jail term and/or huge penalties under money laundering charges.’ in the statement.

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The Consulate General reminded members of the community not to use HUNDI to transfer money to Nepal from Australia as its illegal and only transfer money to Nepal using proper way like registered money transfer companies. Also suggests, be cautious and always check to whom you are transferring money, are they registered and legally permitted to do so as well as a physical address.

Community members are requested to report such illegal money transfer practices to Police or appropriate authorities in Australia as well as Nepal.

Writer : Madan

Madan Mani holds Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Federation University, Australia. Before landing Sydney, he was involved in Teaching and Journalism in Nepal also holds Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

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