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How to get a Nepali e-passport for baby in Australia?

You might wonder, “Do newborns also require passports?” The answer is yes. If a person is travelling between two countries, they need a passport, regardless of age. Thus, obtaining a baby’s passport is a must. Well, if you are a Nepali couple and have a child along with you in Australia, then you must get a Nepali e-passport for baby. 

To get an e-passport for your baby in Australia, you should first fill out the Pre-Enrollment form. Here are the steps to fill out for e-passport form.

How to get a Nepali e-passport for baby in Australia - NepaliPage


1) Open the link

2) Click on apply for a passport.

3) Select the option of First Issuance for a newborn’ passport.

4) Select Ordinary 34 Pages and click on Proceed.

5) Click on I Agree.

6) Select Other for Appointment Country.

7) Select NE, Canberra, for the Appointment Location.

8) Select the Date and Time of your Appointment, and then click on Next.

9) Fill up the information related to Demography, Citizenship, Applicant’s Contact Details and Contact Details in Case of Emergency.

10) Click on Next and upload your required documents. While uploading documents, select Minor.

11) Click on Next

12)Make sure all the details are in the Application Summary and edit if necessary.

13) Click on Save

14) Note your Request Number and click on Finish.

15) Click on Download PDF

16) You can print the downloaded form and bring it to the Embassy when arriving on the given Date and time.

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How to get a Nepali e-passport for baby in Australia - NepaliPage
Image: Nepal Embassy Canberra

Parents must have other documents such as:

  •  Minor Citizenship Certificate (If you haven’t obtained a Minor Citizenship Certificate from Nepal is not obtained then you can get a Birth Registration Certificate issued by the competent authority of the country of birth.)
  •  Colour copy of Parents’ Marriage Registration Certificate
  • Colour copies of Parents’ Citizenship Certificates
  • Parents’ Passports (original)
  • Valid Visas of parents (First and Second Page)
  • 35mm X 45mm sized, high-resolution borderless photos with white background.
  • Money Order or Bank Check of the required amount made in the name of ‘Embassy of Nepal, Canberra.’


What about the Passport Fees?

To obtain a new passport for children below 10 years, you will need 115.00 Australian Dollars.


How to collect your newborn’s passport?

When your e-Passport is ready, it gets published in the e-Passport Status of the Embassy’s website. If the applicant’s (newborn) birth certificate number is available on the Status, the applicant’s parent must visit the Embassy personally with a copy of the child’s birth certificate and other required documents.


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