It costs 460 if you lose your Nepali passport in Australia

You flew from Nepal to Australia and are enjoying life. You might be celebrating life in Australia, working, partying and travelling, but what if you encounter the unpleasant surprise of getting your passport lost or stolen? A mini-heart attack will surely make you uncomfortable, but it’s not time for stressing rather, it’s about getting immediate help. Let’s look into what to do when you get your passport lost or stolen abroad.

The first thing you should do is report the theft or loss of your passport to the nearest police station. This will certainly save you if your passport is misused. Additionally, you must ensure to get police report outlining the specifics of the loss or theft will be given to you.

  • Report the loss of your passport at the consulate.

You should inform the closest embassy or consulate of your country if your passport is lost or stolen. If you have copies or scans of your passport with you, it can help accelerate the process.

  • Replacing your lost or stolen passport

It may take some time to request a new passport. Thus, an emergency passport or emergency travel document may be issued to you instead of a regular passport to allow you to return to your home country. Only temporary and frequently journey-specific emergency documents are valid. But you must apply for e-passports to be on the safe side. And if you are a Nepali, then you can Apply for an e-passport and pay AUD 460 for the new passport. 

Steps to get an e-passport in case you have lost your Nepali passport in Australia

It costs 460 if you lose your Nepali passport in Australia - NepaliPage
Image: Nepal Embassy Canberra

1) Open the link

2) Click on apply for passport.

3) Select the Replacement (Lost/Stolen) option.

4) Select Ordinary 34 Pages and click on Proceed.

5) Click on I Agree.

6) Select Other for Appointment Country.

7) Select NE, Canberra, for the Appointment Location.

8) Select Date and time of the Appointment, then click on Next.

9) Fill up the information on Demographic Information, Citizenship Information, Applicant’s Contact Details and Contact Details in Case of Emergency.

10) Click on Next and upload the required documents.

11) Click on Next.

12) Double-check all the details in the Application Summary and edit if necessary.

13) Click on Save.

14) Note your Request Number and click on Finish.

15) Click on Download PDF.

16) Print the PDF and bring it to the Embassy on your appointment date.

You must pay AUD 460 for the renewal of the lost passport.

Documents You Need to Get Replacement for Lost Nepali passport

There is a specific document check list to apply for replacement for lost or stolen Nepalese passport. If your application doesont includes the following documents its hard to get replacement Nepalese Passport in Australia.

  1. Colour Copy of Nepali Citizenship Certificate (front and back Page): this you can take photo using your mobile phone.
  2. Copy of Front page (photo page and page 3) and back page (page 31) of the current passport
  3.  Valid Visa
  4. A signed application addressed to the Embassy with details of lost passport and police report  number: you can get event Id from your state police website
  5. Print of dully filled online form

Collection of your new Nepalese passport

You can see the status of your e-Passport on the Embassy’s website. If your full name and old passport number are on the status, then you can collect the passport by visiting the Embassy personally. You have to bring along your old passport.

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It costs 460 if you lose your Nepali passport in Australia - NepaliPage
Now you do not need to apply for MRP in Nepal.

To know more about getting Nepali e-passports in Australia, visit

How can you keep your documents safe?

As we know, precaution is better than cure, it’s better to stay vigilant about the documents. You can take the following tips to avoid the consequences of passport loss or theft abroad.

  • Have a checklist of documents before moving out.
  • Always have a scanned copy(on your device) or photocopy of your documents: ID card, passport, certificate of insurance, etc., before departure or moving around in Australia.
  • You can also send all these scanned copies of documents to your email address for extra security. 
  • Always keep a copy of the documents with you.


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