Nepalese Driver in Canberra Caught for Drink Driving

A 26-year-old Nepalese driver caught in Canberra while driving car after consuming alcohol Friday morning. He got his license suspended and could not be able to drive in ACT for 90 days. Further he has to face Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Magistrates Court in coming week ACT Police Media Release states.

The Nepalese man was screened by police during a traffic stop at about 9.55 am Friday, 22 September 2023, where he produced Nepalese Driving License. Police took random breath test at the spot, found positive result. Subsequently the Nepalese man driving Holden Commodore sedan was transported to Tuggeranong Police Station, in further breath analysis he got 0.127 grams of alcohol per 210 L of breath.

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 Nepalese Driver in Canberra Caught for Drink Driving - NepaliPage

Though Nepalese driving license holders can drive in Canberra and ACT under the Nepalese driving license conditions, for drink driving its subject to zero blood-alcohol-limit. For ACT Nepal is non-recognised country in relation to licensing purpose.

Nepalese Driving Holders Cannot Drink

If you live in Canberra, ACT and driving with Nepalese driving license, you cannot drive if consume any alcohol amount. For licensing purpose ACT has listed Nepal as non-recognised country, which means in relation to blood-alcohol-concentration (BAC) Nepalese driving license holders fall under zero blood-alcohol-limit (0.00).


For further license and driving related questions please visit ACT driving information portal.

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