Know how to rent a room in Australia

Renting a room in Australia is not that hard in Australia as there are various options available for international students and travellers.

The very first thing you have to do after landing in Australia is find a place to live in. Finding a place that suits your budget matters most. Well, the rental cost is naturally higher in Sydney, Melbourne. Thanks to the booming construction market that has made renting easier as well as affordable. It is estimated that students spend 30% of their income only on accommodation.

Unlike in Nepal, housing properties are put on rent through agents. These agents help house owners find prospective tenants.

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Know how to rent a room in Australia - NepaliPage
Before renting an apartment normally have to pay one month’s rent in advance together with a bond that covers damages to the property.

What do you require to rent a room in Australia?

While registering with agents to rent a room, you need to present two kinds of identification (driving license and passport), written references from your employer or previous landlord, and character references. If it is your second time finding a house you will be asked why you left the previous house. If you want to keep a pet also you need a statement from your previous landlord stating it was healthy and well-mannered. But generally, you are not allowed to keep pets in a rented house/flat. You should be able to assure them with evidence that you can pay the rent. You have to fill the registration form with accurate details.

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How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Australia?

The cost varies according to the size, facilities of the property, and the region where you want to rent an apartment/house. Rental cost is higher in urban areas while lower in areas far from the cities. Rents in larger cities with an unfurnished property are as per below:

Type of Property Weekly Rent ($)
Studio/bedsitter 250 – 350
1-bedroom apartment 350 – 450
2-bedroom apartment 500 – 600
3-bedroom apartment 700 – 1000
2-bedroom house 500 – 750
3-bedroom house 800 – 1200

If you rent an apartment for a year you are required to pay rent once in two weeks and once a week if you rent it for six months. Before renting an apartment normally have to pay one month’s rent in advance together with a bond that covers damages to the property. The bond amount will be equivalent to four or six weeks’ rent or greater in the case of furnished apartments. It’s submitted to the Rental bond board with a copy of the inspection report.

You should also pay the fee that covers the lease document, deposit for electricity and gas.

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Know how to rent a room in Australia - NepaliPage
It is estimated that students spend 30% of their income only on accommodation.

Other accommodation options: Lodgings, Boarding Houses & sharing

If you cannot afford to rent a house there are other alternatives available like Lodgings, Boarding Houses & sharing but at the cost of your privacy and freedom.

You can make your living cheaper by lodging in a private home. Lodging in a private home could be one option that offers similar facilities to a hotel. You can feel at home as well as you need not worry about managing meals and other daily essentials. But you have to follow some rules like eating at a fixed time, sharing a bathroom. This type of accommodations is arranged by universities.

Likewise, while boarding a house, owners rents rooms to more than a person, and half of the house services are also rented. But the cost is similar to that of a bedroom suite.

Sharing apartments is also less expensive than renting a house. Share your house as well as the house bills. You can have some kind of company in a new place as well as lessen your rent burden. If you wish to share your rented property, make sure your rental contract permits so. You might go through some legal hassles if you opt for joint flat-sharing so it would be convenient if one person is the tenant while paying the rent in a chunk. You can share an apartment for $100 (single) to $140 (double) per week with your own bedroom, or up to $250 with your own bathroom.

How to find housing for a student at a cheaper price?

Accommodation colleges provide is cheaper but hard to find. If you write to the housing officer as soon as you get acceptance in the university there are chances of getting it. The cost of accommodation in halls of residence is around $90 per week for self-catering to around $280 for full board. Likewise, sharing privately-owned apartments or houses cost around $110 per week for a single room and $170 for a double.

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