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Free Coaching to help migrants land on their right job

Free Coaching to help migrants land on their right job - NepaliPage

Many Nepalese community members struggling to find right job in Australia after settlement. Besides hard-earned university degrees, they still involved in low skilled jobs to manage their finance. Are you still stuck finding the right job and way to develop a career in Australia? Puzzled to figure out how and …

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How to get the first job in Australia

For an international student in Australia finding a job for the first time is not easy. Different work culture, as well as recruitment procedures than their own home, makes its bit difficult but not unachievable. Universities in Australia offer free career counseling and support for international students to help them …

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Websites to find a job in your industry

Australia has record job vacancies, but don’t expect it to lead to higher wages - NepaliPage

International students from Nepal in Australia may feel very hard and troublesome in early days while they approach for a job in Australia. For some it could be baffling, they may be stuck and question other really ‘how to discover perfect occupations in Australia?’ and it could be disappointing to …

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Mistakes to avoid while doing a career change

  Career change is the most crucial decision that one has to make during their professional life. Many a times we want to change which can be either a full change as in changing the industry or may be switching over to another sector within the industry. Career change is …

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Signs You Need to Rethink Your Career in 2017

Signs You Need to Rethink Your Career in 2017 - NepaliPage

Suggestion to rethink your career comes with a heavy heart, it’s not easy to change career field. But, some changes are really good. Rethinking a career is a big decision and hence a good amount of time must be given to this and the right decision must be taken. Rethinking …

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Important Tips For Starting A Small Business

Important Tips For Starting A Small Business - NepaliPage

Starting a small business is so exciting thing in life, this gives you a way toward a better future and active life, but before you start you need to establish business statement and plan.   This is the age and time of start-ups and hence your business plan should have …

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Important tips for career in music in Australia

Important tips for career in music in Australia - NepaliPage

Actually, Music Industry is a global industry, you can develop a global career in music. If you are thinking to build career in music in Australia there are few things you need to consider. Music is now a very big industry and the talent is ample. Gone are the days when …

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How to go for a successful career change

  A career change is one of the biggest steps that one has to take and can be very scary sometimes. It doesn’t matter that you are going for something completely new or taking up something that was related to your previous job, the anxiety would be the same. There …

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Career In Real Estate

A career in real estate is one of the hot career options today. It is no more just about buildings but making something more effectively with the new constraints of space as well. Keeping this point in mind all the students who are targeting this branch needs to be very …

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