Questions That Will Help You Find Your Dream Career


Selecting a career for yourself can be highly intimidating more so because it actually shapes who you will be some years down the line. An important question that keeps on flashing in front of our eyes is to start with something completely new or to hone the skills that one already has and carry on the journey forward. There are a million questions that one asks themselves before choosing what to study.

While things like location you want to be in, money you want to earn etc…are quiet much important. Yet the decision should be based upon what you want to do. Your interest and what you love to do must come first. The competitive world today forces us to take decisions based on the former factors more often than not. But fret not! Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help you choose your dream career.

  1. What do you love to do?

You may have some hobbies, some creative side or even you might like to sit at desk and do the office work. It can practically be anything. But you have to find out what you love to do and focus on that. Try jotting out the things that you love to do in your free time or what relaxes you. Now don’t be mistaken here that you should go for music if you love to sing. But the idea here is to go for something that allows you to be connected with what you love.


  1. Are you good at it?

The example about music above is quiet apt. To say it frankly, a bathroom singer can’t make his or her career in it. But then again, there might be something that you are good at and it also interests you. Focus on these activities.


  1. Now that you know what you like and good at, there is still one more thing to do. Ask yourself will you be willing to do it on a Saturday or Sunday? The final question that will truly tell you whether it is your dream career.


  1. Research about what is the scope for this in the current market. Now this calls for a trade-off too. You might like something that won’t pay well. Here you have to decide what you want more. Where and with what all you want to see yourself 5 years down the line.


  1. The mentor talk:

Mentors, seniors and people who have excelled in that field of your interest or have some related experience in it are the right people to approach. They will be able to guide you further on it, how should you go about the education and training and so on.

Also, remember that everything calls for hard work and it takes time too to get something. Hence in such a case choosing a career yourself is most important.

Writer : Sugandh Ratan Agarwal

A fun loving gal set in her own ways. Embarking on a journey to make a name. Write such that someone else can write about you! Cheers!

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