These are the Australian student visa conditions

Getting an Australian student visa does not mean you can live, work and study in Australia in your own way. It comes with responsibilities to maintain studentness, means you are a student and should be the study in first priority. You must not engage yourself fully other than on study, the work right comes with the visa is to get Australian workplace exposure.

The Australian government Department of Home Affairs has laid certain conditions for all international students studying in Australia. Generally, Australian Student Visa subclass 500 comes with 7 conditions that must obey, and failing could lead towards deportation.

These are the Australian student visa conditions

8150 – Work Limitation
8202 – Meet Course requirements
8501 – Maintain health insurance
8516 – Must maintain eligibility
8517 – Maintain education for dependents
8532 – Under 18 approve welfare
8533 – Inform provider of address

Work limitation

As per the condition student must not join in any work before principle course of study commences. During the study, session student is not permitted to work more than 40 hours per fortnight. But, the 40 hours a fortnight does not apply for works required by the course, and Masters by research or doctoral degree students.

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Meet course requirements

You must be enrolled in a full-time course and satisfy the course requirements that you enrolled and got a visa for. It includes the course level, course progress, and course attendance. If you are changing course you must meet the requirement of the visa you got, you have to make sure the course you are going to change must give you a similar qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework at the same level or higher level than the course mentioned in visa letter.

Maintain health insurance

Australia government has made it compulsory for international students to be insured for their health conditions. International students should be covered under Overseas Student Health Cover while in Australia. A student must not come into Australia before the health insurance has begun. 

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Must maintain eligibility

This means you need to maintain your overall eligibility as a person to satisfy the criteria of the visa. It may include character requirements too.

Maintain education for dependents

You as an Australian student visa holder must ensure adequate schooling for school-age children if you have and they in Australia for more than three months.

Under 18 approve welfare

As per this condition, a student must have to maintain acceptable accommodation, support, and general welfare arrangements. And, not permitted to change such arrangements without the written permission of college or university. A student cannot enter into Australia before the date specified by college or university.

Inform education provider of address

An Australian student visa holder has a responsibility to update their residential address. Such information must update within seven days to the education provider, college or university. If any Australian student visa holder intends to change college or university s/he needs to notify previous education provider within seven days after receiving an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from new education provider.

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