9 best Universities in Australia

Are you someone who is planning to start your career in Australia? Are you looking for some of the best universities in Australia? Then no more to worry, we have come up with a list of some of the best universities in Australia in order to kick-start your career.

Here goes the list:

  1. The University of Melbourne

The Melbourne University was founded in the year 1853 and is said to be the second oldest university in Australia. The university attracts 40 percent of the overseas students and has almost 280,000 alumni around the world; those also include the famous names – Nobel prize winner Peter Doherty and fellows of the Royal Society, David Solomon, and David Boger. 

  1. Australian National University

The Australian National University was established in the year 1946 and is said to be the world’s leading research-intensive university in Canberra. The University is home to 15,986 students. The faculties in the University are also the Nobel prize winners those include the vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt who has won the Noble Prize in Physics in the year 2011.

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  1. University of Sydney

The University was established in the year 1851 thereby making it the oldest University in the country. The University has 44,553 students out of which 32 percent are the international students.

  1. Monash University

Have you heard about Monash University? It is the second oldest university in the state of Victoria and is the largest university in Australia. The university has 46,846 students enrolled out of which 28 percent are international students. 

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  1. University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales was founded in the year 1949. The University has 40,133 students out of which 34 percent are international students. Its alumni community is over 250,000 graduates working for some of the world’s biggest and best companies including Google, Penguin, Ernst & Young, Rio Tinto, PayPal, HSBC, NASA, and Oxfam.

9 best Universities in Australia - NepaliPage

  1. The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is ranked to be the 114th University and is one amongst the oldest Universities in South Australia. Engineering (ranked 16), dentistry (ranked 32), and nursing (ranked 38) are the top courses offered here.

  1. The University of Queensland:

Located in Brisbane, this university ranks 48th worldwide. Students can truly have a global educational experience in these beautiful campuses of the diverse student community.

  1. The University of Western Australia:

A public research university in the Australian state of Western Australia, this university ranks 91 in QS World Rankings 2019. Anatomy & Physiology (ranked 13), and agriculture & forestry (ranked 32) are some of its popular courses.


If you check the terms and conditions and the eligibility criteria for all the above-mentioned Universities in Australia, you will surely get a fair idea of where do you stand and which is the University that suits you.

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