Comparing could save more dollars in petrol price

Petrol price in Australia is jumping so quickly these days, making millions of driver’s pocket dry. Soaring petrol price in major Australian cities hitting hard on families and workers who have to commute regularly. It could be harder in festive season; price tags on service stations already started rocketing. Now, 110 cents a liter for E10 became a history, the gap between the petrol price yesterday and today would make you amaze raising a question buzzing in mind ‘how it could happen?’
Not only you, but the colossal upsurge in petrol price has also already formed a great worry nationwide. People have already organized boycott service station to make a louder voice against soaring petrol price. Now, experts from the fuel industry have called for a cap on margins between wholesaler and retailer price to keep petrol price fair to consumers and no hard hitting on the Christmas seasons. 

To cope up the soaring fuel price and fill your tank with a fair deal, drivers should suspect and compare petrol price in their locality. Keeping eyes on passing service stations and checking with another corner station could help you to save thousands of dollars in a year round. A study by NRMA recently revealed petrol price between left or right side petrol station or corner to corner could be different up to 40 cents a liter. You can save yourself being ripped off if compare petrol price with neighboring fuel stations.

Fuel Check App

There are a couple of Apps that could help you to compare and find a better deal for petrol your car suits with. Among the various there is a FuelCheck app, by the New South Wales Government provides the real-time price of all NSW service stations. You can assess the pricing of whole Sydney as well as New South Wales to compare how’s your local petrol stations charging for particular fuel type. The App is available for smartphone, computer as well as online. 

To access the app Click Here

Brand Membership

Apart from comparing real-time petrol price, you may join a brand loyalty program that makes a good saving too. There are various brands in Australia running such loyalty program. NRMA, 7Eleven, Coles, Woolworths and others offering membership and similar loyalty program committing discounted price.

Recent Report on petrol price

A recent media report by 7News has listed Auburn, Fairfield, Granville, and Merrylands as a petrol rip off hotspots. As per the report in Auburn, the price difference is 29 cents in a liter, Fairfield 28 and Granville/Merrylands 25. That makes petrol bill more than 20 dollars extra while filling an 80 liters tank. And Bondi, Narrabeen, and Sutherland have a lower price difference between neighboring petrol pumps. Here is the 7News report:

Sydney's petrol rip off hotspots

Sydney's petrol rip off hotspots, suburbs where servos dare to gouge unsuspecting drivers up to 40 cents a litre above neighbouring stations. 7 News has obtained comprehensive data highlighting alarming trends which can cost drivers hundreds of dollars a year. #Petrol #7News

Posted by 7 News Sydney on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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