Now, it’s easy to get Nepalese Police Report from abroad

You get invited to apply for a Permanent Residency visa in Australia and wondering how to get Character Verification Report (Police Report or Police Check in general) to include with your permanent residency visa application? Now, no need to worry about it, you do not need to have any relatives in Kathmandu to apply, collect, and courier that to you. Nepal Police has started an electronic Character Verification Report service for Nepalese living abroad. This helps you to sort out your character verification process for your permanent residency or another temporary visa subclass in Australia as well as other countries wherever you living.

Nepal Police has updated the Police Check System, Now Click Here to know about the change 

Character verification or Police Report, generally we use Police Check in Australia, obtain that from Nepal was a really chaotic task for various visa applicants living overseas such as Australia, USA, Canada as well as European countries. Now Nepal Police has streamlined the process and made it electronic so Nepalese living abroad can get it in a simple, faster, and smarter way. Nepal Police Crime Investigation Department has started a new service to provide a Police Clearance Certificate via email. To get your Nepalese Police Clearance from overseas you need to fill up one application form and attach passport, a photograph along with citizenship and marriage registration certificate and send that to Nepal Police, they will send you your character verification within 3 office days. For that, you do not have to pay any fee, its totally free service. 

What do you need to send to Nepal Police?

To obtain a character verification certificate you need to attach the following documents:

  • Application Form (download from here)
  • Nepali Passport Pages:
    Including Page numbers 2, 3 and 31 (They are Bio Page, Passport Issuing Authority Seal page and Next of Kin page)
    Page with clear Nepal Immigration Departure Stamp of your last Departure from Nepal
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Marriage Registration Certificate (if married women)
  • Passport size color photo

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(You can send required documents taking a photo of them but, be careful your photo size should be small in size, passport size photo should not more than 200 KB)

What happens once you send the application?

Once you send an email with the required documents you will get a reply from Nepal Police. Sometimes it takes few minutes, which may more than 30 minutes depending on office hours and time difference, once you get the reply that confirms Nepal Police got your request and they give you another reply with your character verification certificate. 

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What is the email address?

You need to email your application form and attach the required documents in your email and send that to (

If you need further information about Character Verification from Nepal Police and for other inquiries, you can mail at or contact over phone +977 01-4412783.

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