Canada offering 330,000 permanent residencies in 2019

Good news for those who are eyeing Canada for permanent migration from Australia as well as Nepal, Canada is welcoming more new migrants than before under their multi-year immigration levels plan. As per the plan announced by the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen Canada will welcome 330,000 new migrants during the year 2019.

As per the plan announced on November 1, 2017, Canada will give 310,000 permanent residencies in the year 2018 with growing more places in 2019 and 2020. Next year in 2019 Canada is planning to offer 330,000 places for aspiring migrants to enter into Canada and settle their life. The gradual increase in permanent migration number will reach 340,000 permanent residencies in the year 2020.

Canadian government expects this increasing permanent migration number intake will support both Canadian businesses and labor market needs. The government in a statement says, the multi-year immigration plan will foster economic growth in the face of slowing labor force growth and an aging population

Nepal and Canada has a long tie of Friendship

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Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Hussen assumed new immigrants with permanent residencies will contribute Canada with their talent to boost economic as well as innovation growth to keep Canada at the façade of the global economic structure. 

A press release from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada read ‘Canada’s well-managed immigration system is unique in the world. It places great emphasis on providing assistance to recently arrived newcomers to weather their migration transition period, learn English or French, find meaningful employment, and establish themselves in their communities.’

In recent days the number of Nepalese migrating permanently into Canada has increased. Not only from Nepal Nepalese living and studying in Australia are eyeing Canada as a better option to live and develop their career.

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