Nepal Airlines is ready to start flights to Australia

Good News, everyone! Nepal Airlines is moving closer to launching its direct flights to Australia, and it is great news for anyone who travels frequently or is planning to travel from Nepal to Australia or vice versa. Long transits and higher airfare would be gone days if Nepal Airlines runs regular flights connecting Sydney with Kathmandu. 

Till the day, people need to look for travel companion for their parents coming to and going from Sydney. As, many Nepalese parents can not communicate in English and not a frequent international traveller they suffer a lot during their journey to and from Sydney. These struggles and sufferings will come to an end if Nepalese get Nepal Airlines flights to Kathmandu from Sydney and vice versa. 

Let’s dig deeper into this hot topic which is creating a buzz among Nepalese in Australia and Nepal.


What to expect with Kathmandu to Sydney direct flight?

According to NAC (Nepal Airlines Corporation) spokesperson, if everything goes well, then from June 21, 2023, onwards, a direct flight from Kathmandu to Sydney will be started. After take-off and with good weather conditions, the flight will arrive in Sydney (after traveling via Singapore) in about 13 hours and 25 minutes. Once started, Nepal Airlines will make direct flights to Sydney on Thursdays and Sundays. 


What is Nepal Airlines doing to operate the flights?

As per Sources, NAC has submitted the required documentations to Australian Civil Aviation after receiving authorisation to fly from the airport. Also, NAC has advanced the procedure for flights, including the choice of a GSA (General Sales Agent). Further, NAC is on the selection of companies for fuel in Singapore and Sydney. 

For the airports in Sydney and Singapore, NAC has chosen MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operation) and would also perform a technical landing in Singapore during the first phase, but merely to refuel. Additionally, the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport has officially granted Nepal Airlines a slot for the planned flight.

Nepal Airlines is ready to start flights to Australia -
Nepal Airlines Fleet at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal. Photo: Madan/NepaliPage


Also, NAC states that in the first phase, technical landing at Singapore—only for refuelling will be done, but from the second phase, the fifth freedom right of aviation will be used, which means Nepal Airlines’s flights can pick up or drop off passengers in Singapore when flying either way.


Benefits to Nepalese living in Australia by Nepal Airlines flights from Kathmandu to Sydney?

Nepalese living in Australia would be benefited most by regular flight from Sydney to Kathmandu by Nepal Airlines, Nepalese national flag career. Most of the airline staff would be Nepalese and they know how to serve Nepalese in international travel more than other airlines. No difficulties in communication and passanger get homely environment during long flight.  

An extremely long distance of 9,816 kilometer separates Kathmandu from Sydney. Making stops en route from Nepal to Australia can be difficult for traveler, but with direct flights from Kathmandu to Sydney will undoubtedly ease the situation. The benefits mentioned below can also be achieved:

  • There is a high demand for direct flights between Kathmandu and Sydney. Once it is established, there will be no shortage of tickets and airfare may be down a bit. 
  • Nepali students who plan to go to Australia for studies can get tickets easily. 
  • It will remove transit and transit hustle to those travelling Sydney or Kathmandu from Sydney.  
  •  A great ease for Nepalese International students’ parents or family who visit them or come to Australia as tourists.
  •  The number of tourists will rise, making it easier for Australian and Nepalese tourists to visit both countries.
  • Having flights between Australia and Nepal would improve relations between the two nations and increase trade and tourism.


Stay tuned for further updates on Nepal Airlines’ direct flights from Kathmandu to Sydney.

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