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Room/Apartment Sharing in New South Wales

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Room/Apartment Sharing in Western Australia, Perth

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Shared Accomodation is one of the most sought living arrangement in Australia for temporary visitors, holiday makers, temporary workers as well as international students. Shared accomodation gives flexibility of living as well as downs the cost of living in Australia. Basically, in a shared accommodation whether a room sharing, flat sharing or home sharing you will get access to kitchen, bathroom, common area, lounge and your private room or bed. In many places kitchen utensils also available to use. Do not forgot you need to replace if you damage anything.

Most of people living in such shared room or apartment value each other and respect each other’s privacy, dignity. They may set some house rules to keep living easy for all and maintain home hygiene.

Keep in Mind

  • Respect each other 
  • Maintain privacy 
  • Be truthful 
  • Keep record of documentation 
  • Check Passport/Visa and keep a copy (of people you going to share your apartment) if you hold the lease with agent or owner
  • Fix rent, bills and cleaning and other house arrangement 
  • Enjoy Aussie living 

It is recommended, that make a well documented arrangement for living, rent amount, how electricity, gas and other bills calculated among people living in a shared arrangement.


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