Dos and Don’ts for housemates

Many students in their early days live with their mates, sharing unit as well as room. Read Dos and Don’ts, while sharing your accommodation with housemates.


Many students who come to Australia face the issues of high rent and hence they find shared accommodation a better option. While there are no doubts that it has many advantages but one must also understand that while they are living with another person, there is terms and conditions attached to your behaviour while staying. There is a sense of responsibility in this which must be taken care of. Another person also has a life of their own which should not be disturbed.Dos and Don’ts for housemates - NepaliPage

A bad roommate or one whose likes and dislikes don’t coincide with yours at any level may cause many problems and at times people have also reported saying “make their lives hell”. So you need to know what are your boundaries and what you can and what you can’t do.

Take a look at the checklist below

Dos with housemates

  • Now you might be sharing the property with your old friend or even a sibling, what you need to understand is that they also want some privacy.
  • A combined wardrobe can be a good idea but first, ask your roommates about how they feel regarding this.
  • Share all the costs but remember not to pay for what you haven’t availed. This means they might take advantage of you.
  • Take care of the property like your very own and hence do not cause any damage.
  • Be friendly to your roommates and be there in times of need. They are your only family there and hence you must respect and love them.
  • Group studies are a lot effective with roommates and thus you have an added advantage over here.
  • Share all the responsibilities for daily chores and not assign all to others.
  • Ask your roommates about what they are comfortable with and whatnot. Try to do some changes in yourself.

Dos and Don’ts for housemates - NepaliPage

Don’ts with housemates

  • Do not share matters that may make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t interfere in personal matters and try to poke your nose.
  • Take care of their belongings when borrowed and replace them in case something is broken.
  • Don’t forget the general hygiene. Leaving dirty utensils around, not doing your laundry, having stinky places are some of the biggest no no.
  • Don’t play loud music, television. Remember what you will do will come back in one form or the other and hence then you will have to bear the repercussions.

So here you go, have a good and healthy relationship with your roommate and make the time in there memorable.

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