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Tips for Negotiating Rent

Increase in rent can be a big headache for any tenant and specially students as there is no money inflow. Any person who has rented a place ever knows this pain and can tell you increased rent just disturbs all the budget.  Rent increases can be because of many reasons …

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Win over a potential landlord

  Getting a rental property is a big achievement within itself and if you ever tried to rent one then you would know how a potential landlord can reject you and not tell the reason as well. Hence you need to be pretty serious while renting a property and make …

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Dos and Don’ts for housemates

Many students who come to Australia face the issues of high rent and hence they find shared accommodation a better option. While there are no doubts that it has many advantages but one must also understand that while they are living with another person, there is terms and conditions attached …

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Things you should ask potential housemate

Rental costs are high in Australia among other things hence it seems like a good idea to share the accommodation. It not only brings down the rental cost but also helps you in reducing costs of electricity, services that you might avail, many purchases etc… On a more non-monetary level, …

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Things to know before signing a lease

While taking an accommodation, getting done all the formalities is very important and must not be taken lightly. The documents that you are signing, be it renting or leasing a property clearly defines what can be and cannot be done. So you must be very careful. Leasing is itself more …

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How To Handle Increase In Rents

Every day the prices of each and every item are increasing around us and hence there is a steep rise in the prices of property that we are seeing. Now one may resort to blaming the landlords but it isn’t there fault too. If you take a look at the …

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