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Getting a rental property is a big achievement within itself and if you ever tried to rent one then you would know how a potential landlord can reject you and not tell the reason as well. Hence you need to be pretty serious while renting a property and make choices fast. Spray and pray trick can be used here as you can choose to apply to many properties. Sometimes the shortlisting process is very tough so it is better to apply to multiple properties to increase your chances.

First step to impress a potential landlord to be have all the documents ready with all your documents. You have to show them utmost professionalism and that you are serius about taking the property. Also make sure you have all your references in places ready from the people who would put in a good word for you.

Make a good impression by dressing up nicely. Also be amicable and do not forget to appreciate the property. The bottom line is to show that you respect them and their property that will tell them you will take care of it properly. Here are some other points to take care of so that you get the rental property:

  • Be on time and be punctual about all the meetings. Make sure to reach on the right venue and at the right time where your meeting is scheduled with the potential landlord.
  • Dress up to impress and dress up smartly enough to show that you are talking business.
  • Have a rental resume ready with all the necessary documents
  • Tell all your requirements correctly in terms of rent amount, bonds, pets if you have and others as well.
  • Ask a few friendly questions as well. People like it when they are listened to. Try to establish a quick connection.
  • Show yourself desirable by telling your professional background, the type of person you are and so on.

So you get the idea. Put yourself in landlord’s shoes and think what type of person they want.

Remember it is not only the landlord that you have to impress but you need to take care of your agent as well. He is the person who will get you a property and hence he matters all the more. You may not get a property but the other one also will be brought by him only. Make sure to have good relations with him as well.

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