5 temples you can buy under 100 dollars in amazon 

Temple not only has traditional and religious value in our life, but it does also have aesthetic value in our living. Besides big structural temples, almost every Nepali home has one small Puja Chauki (like a small temple) to worship. Nepalese day starts from Puja Chauki and concludes with keeping full tumbler of water at Puja Chauki. Following this tradition not only keeps the religious tradition going also helps maintain spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Modern homes in Australia may not have that flexibility to build Puja Chauki. Or may have to cost big chunks of extra money to customize to add small Puja Chauki. Many opt installing small temple in a special corner to use as Puja Chauki. Such small temple adds aesthetic as well as religious value in home and it’s the place in house full of positive vibes. These temples are so convenient you can easily relocate while moving home.

This is a must have implement for Nepalese homes around the world. Here we picked 5 temples which are priced under 100 Australian dollars in amazon.

1. eSplanade DIY MDF Temple 

We all familiar with DIY furniture, delivered in a package and we need to assemble to give the original look and use. This temple is similar to those furniture items, you need to assemble its parts to build a temple.

This temple is made with engineered wood and has traditional look. It has 14D x 26W x 43H millimetres dimension. This is listed for 37.20 Australian dollars.

eSplanade DIY MDF Temple - NepaliPage
This temple is listed for AUD 37.20

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2. CRAZING Wood Art and Craft Fully Handmade Beautiful Temple

This temple is heart winning with its simplicity. This temple is made with 100% High Density MDF Wood. The seller claims this temple as fully handmade. This is listed for 75.43 Australian dollars with express shipping.

CrazyInk CRAZING Wood Art and Craft Fully Handmade Beautiful Temple - NepaliPage
This beautiful temple is fully handmade.

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3. Wooden Wall Hanging Temple

If you don’t have that much space in room to setup puja temple this wall hanging temple may be perfect to you. This wall hanging temple costs 112.16 Australian dollars. The seller packaged the temple with Laxmi Ganesh silver coin so total price crossed 100 dollars mark. But, this engineered wood temple has design to place idols perfectly and space for Dipak.

Wooden Wall Hanging Temple - NepaliPage
This wall hanging temple comes with Ganesh and Laxmi coin.

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4. Craft Wooden Wall Hanging Temple

This temple comes as DIY package. But, not much work needed to make it ready to keep your gods for Puja. This temple can be mounted on wall so no much space needed in your office of home. Made by 100% High Density MDF Wood this temple has shinny colour so it will definitely brighten your room and luck.

Craft Wooden Temple - NepaliPage
Bright in colour and can hang in wall, this temple is space efficient.

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5. SR IMPEX Handcrafted Wooden Wall Mount Home Temple

Brown coloured and with hanging hole this temple can be mounted on wall as well as can placed on the table. With artistic design and look the temple offers enough space for idols. This engineered wood temple is listed for 65.91 dollars on Amazon.

R IMPEX Handcrafted Wooden Wall Mount Home Temple - NepaliPage
This temple is lightweight and can be mounted on wall.

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